Friday, November 19, 2010

Organizational {Friday} Stampin' Things "The RAK"

Sorry for posting this a little late today. One of my daughter's had surgery on Tuesday, and I am a bit behind in getting things done. Hmmm, but then again, when am I not behind? LOL! Anyway, I am SO excited to share this new storage unit with you today! Many of you know that I have three products that are my absolute favorite in my room--my Scrap 'n Cube desk pieces, my antique pieces my parents found for me, and my Stampin' Things pieces. These products are all amazing and purchases I have NEVER regretted!

Well, I am super excited to show you Sue's newest piece from Stampin' Things. This unit is called "The RAK." The RAK stamping organizer was specifically designed for those crafters who use Ranger products such as the 3" x 3" distress inks and reinkers, Adirondack ink pads, and more. Most of you know I have had a growing passion for distress inks. If you missed my post on how to keep your sponges with your ink pads, look here. Because of that growing passion, this new storage unit is perfect for all of my Ranger goodies. And yes, that's a new antique piece on top of the unit. I love when my parents go "antiquing." :)
So, how do I store my inks in this amazing new unit? First, I put my inks in color order. Usually I store all papers, inks, Stickles, paints, etc., in this order: white, ecru, taupe, brown, yellow, gold, orange, pink, red, green, blue, purple, gray, and black. When I stick with that system, it's easier to find all things "color related." So, sticking with that system, that is how I placed my Tim Holtz Distress Inks in the RAK. Then the re-inkers I put in the slot right next to the ink. That way I know which reinkers I have and which I do not. I do not have a lot of reinkers yet but there is a home for them when I do get more. :) It is definitely going to be much easier to find the reinkers when it's right next to the labeled ink pad.

Then for my Mini Misters, if I make a spray ink out of the reinkers, I put that in the center section next to the stamp pad also. Then it's super easy to pull a pre-mixed spray ink! Right now I don't have many of those either but I will put two Mini Misters in one slot. The left Mister will go with the inks on the left, and the Mister on the right will go with its matching ink on the right. Make sense? The center section holds two Mini Misters beautifully together. So, here you can see reinkers with the matching ink pad and the matching Mini Mister full of spray ink. Perfect!
This unit will hold:
48 3" X 3" Ranger Distress Ink Pads
48 Distress reinkers
48 Mini Misters
PLUS 24 more spaces for pads such as Adirondack, Staz On, Versamark, etc.

The Adirondack inks and other stamp pads fit beautifully down the side of the unit! You can see a side full of Adirondack inks here:
And if that wasn't enough, this unit also holds the Adirondack Paint Dabbers! Here you can see my paints on the back side of the unit:
They fit in the space "top first" so you see the bottom of the bottle with the color. Very nice and easy to find what you want!

There are 4 sides to this unit so it will hold a lot of inks. And of course this unit swivels so smoothly just like the other Stampin' Things units, and it is stackable. I can literally stack this on top of my Elite unit or my Topper unit or stack them 3 high! Because I am only 5 feet "tall," stacking 3 high is a bit much for me though. LOL!

Well, I hope you like this new unit. If you are looking for something for your inks, reinkers, Stickles (yes, it fits Stickles too), Mini Misters, etc., the new Stampin' Things RAK unit is perfect for it all. Hmm, maybe you want to put this on your Christmas wish list. You won't be disappointed. Remember, I have 4 units now from Sue, and ALL are my favorite!!! Have a blessed Friday!


Stephanie said...

What a cool unit!! I can see why you love it so much.

I hope your dd's recovery goes well and that she's soon feeling lots better. {{hugs}} Life is never dull is it?

Valerie said...

I just wanted to let you know that ever since you first posted about your love of these units I have had them on my wish list. Well it seems like FOREVER but I finally saved enough to get the ELITE, the TOPPER, and the one for Punches. You were so RIGHT...SUE is such a SWEETIE and TOTALLY BLESSED me beyond BELIEF. I feel like I made a friend. She told me that I was about 2 weeks down on the list plus shipping I figure I should have my units by Christmas. (I am biting my nails just waiting)
Thank you SO much for your recommendation.
10,000 Blessings,
Valerie Martin
P.S. I hope your daughter is recovering nicely.

Traci S. said...

Hi Patter~

I will pray that your DD will have a quick, complete and painfree recovery.

Thank you for sharing another fabulous "Goody." This piece is so versatile. It looks great! Your art room must really be filling up with such great finds...and your parent's latest piece also! What are you going to put in that?

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Rose said...

Prayers for your DD :)
this is a awesome item!! so far i have one TH ink pad :( but hope to get more in time lol

hey you can use your cute pink step stoop to reach when you stack them 3 high *wink wink* :)

Patter Cross said...

Thank you everyone for the prayers for my daughter. We truly appreciate it!

Valerie, so glad you got some pieces. And yes, Sue is an amazing and special woman!

And Rose, I am dying laughing! You remember my pink stool? LOL! I use it daily almost. And yes, my stool would work for stacking 3 high but I really love how I moved around all of my Stampin' Things units. After I posted this, I played and moved more things around. I will take a photo and maybe post next week along with what will go in my new antique piece. :)

Liz in MO said...

Quick question??? Did you store your tim holtz inks in one of the other storage things, did they fit in one of the others ok, and is this one better for those pads. Thanks.

Patter Cross said...

Great question Liz! Yes, previously I had stored them in the Elite unit and/or the Topper. Both work; however, the openings are bigger because those two units fit most all ink pads. So, the distress inks had "room" on each side. Not a big deal. Any 3 of these units would work. What I love about the RAK is that the distress inks fit perfectly in the space, and then you have the 24 openings on the sides (12 each side) that hold regular stamp pads. I also like that the RAK holds 2 mini misters in each of the center openings down the middle, etc. It really depends on the inks you need to store and what you like best. Does that makes sense? Feel free to ask more questions. :)

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