Friday, April 8, 2011

{Friday's Swap} Video & Chance to Win!

Today and next Friday are going to be a little different. Both of the teams I design for have teamed up with other teams and have done a product swap. Both posts are being done on Fridays (today and next week). So, I hope you don't mind this little "interruption" from the normal. :)

Today, Memory Box Co. and Creative Imaginations have teamed up. They are using awesome Memory Box products, and we are using the CI Twinkling H2Os! Gracious, I forgot how much I LOVE those paints. I have a drawer full you can see that organizational post here but I haven't used them in a while until this swap challenge. I need to pull those beauties back out more often!

Anyway, here is a card I created with Memory Box and five different Twinkling H2Os.

If you visit this blog post, you can see a video tutorial I did along with step-by-step instructions. And if you leave a comment on that same post, you will be entered to win some Twinkling H2Os. :) There will be two other chances to win today too. Just look for two more posts being posted to that same blog later today and leave them a comment. I hope y'all win some goodies! I always like when my blog readers win something! Enjoy, and have a blessed Friday!



Janet Z said...

Your card is gorgeous! I'm going to go and check out the video.

Traci S. said...

Hi Patter~ I left the same comment on the other blog. I was not sure if you would see my question about how to clean the stamp afterwards? I use baby wipes to get ink off. Is that ok? This is so exciting...I didn't know you could do any of this with paints! I just thought the bubble wrap technique was for ink! I love that gold color! Here is my comment:

How exciting! I have a few of the Twinkling H20's...but didn't know you could paint directly on the stamp! This card is gorgeous! I love the technique...and it really isn't very messy at all! Thank you for having the video ready for us, and for offering some wonderful paints! It is very kind and generous of you!

How do you clean the stamp after? Can you use a baby wipe? (That's what I usually use on stamps.)

He IS Able,
Traci S.

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