Thursday, June 16, 2011

Art {Journaling} Inspiration

**Please note: For those of you looking for today's Faith Journaling prompt, you can find the post by clicking here or by scrolling down just below this post. Thank you!

As most of you know, I am taking several online art journaling classes. I am in love!!! It is truly fun to do and something so different from my "norm."  I am having tons of fun! You can see my first Art Journaling post here.

I am also going to be posting my pages on occasion on Thursday's as it's my normal journaling day anyway. So, on Thursday's you may see two posts from me on occasion--an Art {Journaling} post and the regular {Faith Journaling} Challenge. I thought this would be the best way to incorporate some of these pages with you without bombarding you another day during the week! I hope you will enjoy it!

Amazing Inspiration
For today, I wanted to share some AMAZING inspiration I found in one of my classes. It is a completed mixed media journal using file folders. I am actually working on this same thing now. It incorporates the sewing machine too so you know I love that! :) Anyway, you can see it here. Totally inspiring! Once the pages are done, it's easy to go in and journal anytime, take on vacation with you, or give as a gift! I can't wait to make a bunch of these!

Favorite Art Journaling Sites
I only have a few art journaling sites that are my favorites thus far but I thought I would list them here just in case you are interested and want to look at them too:

*Roben-Marie Smith
*Christy Tomlinson
*Junelle Jacobsen
*Patty Van Dorin's Scrapodex
*Mary Ann Moss
*Rachel's Art Journal video
*Rachel's Website

My Folders Started
And before I close, I thought I would share the folders I have started for my journal. I have several folders covered in gesso, one covered in old patterns and one covered in book pages. I can't wait to get some color onto these. Fun, fun!

So, I hope you enjoy the links above, and thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed Thursday!

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melindabandow said...

Love the journaling suggestion and am excited to try what you did for The Classroom and will be trying that as well. TFS! Also hope I win.

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