Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art {Journaling} Modeling Paste!

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Oooh my goodness! I used modeling paste for the first time this week. It is SO fun to use and adds great dimension to a page. I used Liquitex Light Modeling Paste. I mixed it with a bit of Dr. Ph Martin's India Ink and then spread it on my heart foam stamp. Once it was on my stamp, I just stamped it onto the page. Here is a close-up of how the modeling paste looks:

It is hard to see the dimension in the photo but it's there! Now, I would not recommend using this on regular stamps. It would be hard to clean off and possibly ruin your stamps but with foam stamps it works great and just washed off with water! And here is how the rest of the page turned out:

I hope you enjoy today's creation. It is SO, SO fun. I pray I can get another page today as I haven't done one in several days. I need to just get messy and enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!


Patter Cross said...

Posting for Susan:

"beautiful (blogger hates me today or I woulda' left my comment there)

Susan aka suslyn"

Colleen G said...

AH-Mazing! Love your work! You do a great job!

Becky said...

I zipped over here from 3 hearts workshop flickr photos. I read your profile,and I'm a graduate of BSF! I did 7 years,and graduated about 10 years ago.My faith grew,my relationship with the Lord developed! I love your journal page. I'm focusing my pages for the most part on my journey with the Lord. I just have to realize that I'm not Christy!

Dana said...

I found you over at SCS and I just love this! I am new to art journaling and I am just loving the freedom of it! Always a joy to see how God's creativity flows through a fellow sisters hands : )

Gingerlee said...

How cool! I've been wanting to dabble in that myself, think I'll give it a try. So glad I found your blog page. Love it!


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