Friday, July 1, 2011

Organizational {Friday} Stamp Wheels

So, do you have any stamp wheels? How do you store them? I just started collecting a few though I do not see myself getting many of these--just the essentials. LOL! Anyway, I have found the storage that works for me though it is nothing earth shattering. But I thought I would share it anyway and give you other ideas that people use too. So just a quick post today but maybe you will find something you like! :)

My Wheel Storage
Okay, so you can probably guess how I have stored my wheels. Yes, in a Scrap 'n Cube drawers. In fact, in my new unit seen here. :) For the few I have, this works great. And I do not like them sitting out as they will collect dust too easily. First, let's look at how I added them to my Rolodex index.

I created a new category called "wheels." Then, instead of stamping the image onto my Rolodex card, I just used the label that came with the wheel. Worked perfect! I just adhered it to the card, added my "inventory notes," and then added it to my Rolodex.

If you have never need my Rolodex stamp inventory, look here. I use this inventory for ALL of my stamps regardless of type (clear, unmounted, wood mount, wheels, etc.). It's so nice to have one place for an inventory of everything!

Next before putting the wheels in my drawer, I added the name to each wheel by printing out a label on my label machine.  I hope you can sort of tell what I did here since it's a bit blurry. Sorry.

And now you can see how I store them in my drawer. Nothing spectacular, and this works for me as I only have a few. I am getting a few more but I can't imagine having more than 15. :)

By the way, I am on the lookout for the retired Stampin' Up Nursery Letter Jumbo Wheel. If you are interested in departing with that one, let me know. :) You can e-mail me here! Thanks!

Other Wheel Storage Ideas
If you do not have a drawer that works for your wheels, you can always try one of these ideas:

*Thread them onto a pant hanger. See a sample here.
*Put them onto a wood thread rack. See a sample photo here.
*Unmount them. See info in same post as pant hanger photo.

If you have other ideas you would like to share, feel free to note them in the comment section. I can edit my post and put them here too for everyone to see. :) I hope you have found something you can use today as you keep your rooms organized! Have a joyous and safe 4th of July weekend everyone! Blessings,


Anonymous said...

Just want to suggest that storing the wheels on the plastic side might be better so you don't get a flat spot on the rubber. Wish I was so organized!

Anonymous said...

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