Friday, June 10, 2011

Organizational {Friday} Paints!

Because of my new love of art journaling, I have been getting a few more products to use in my journals. I had some paints on hand but not all of the colors I want to play with. I did buy some more acrylic paints, and I chose the Adirondack Paint Dabbers. I love these because I can use the applicator top or I can remove the top and use the paint normally.

Of course, I wanted to get these organized and swatches made so that it is quick and easy to find what I need. I had previously kept my few paint dabbers in my Stampin Things RAK. Love this piece but I now have it full of more Tim Holtz goodies instead so I removed the paints. You can see how I had them in the unit before.

Here is what the entire unit looks like. The paints were on the back side in the small slots on the side. Worked GREAT, and I still use this just for other goodies. It is full now!! :)

I decided to put the paint dabbers in my old Sticker Stadium that sits on my desk. Here is a very old photo of my Sticker Stadium (underneath the drawers filled with old MM paints).

Before I put the paint dabbers in the Sticker Stadium, I needed to create swatches for the lids. I used the foam top of each dabber to first create a color swatch on white cardstock.

Aren't all of the colors pretty? :) I then punched out each swatch with my circle punch and adhered it to the lid of each paint dabber with my Glue Dots.

Oh yum!!! :) After that, I put them in color order in the back of my Sticker Stadium. The lid is pretty much the only part of the each paint dabber that shows so I really needed to have the color on top. This will work with any type of paint you have, and if you store your paints down in a bucket or drawer, the color swatches on top will work great for you too!

I decided not to put these swatches in my color swatch book since the paints are right in front of me with the swatches right there. This makes it so easy to grab the paint I want and to play. And remember, acrylic paints can be used on cards and scrapbook pages too. I have been using them lately again on my pages and love it! So, I challenge you to grab your paints and have some fun!

And if you remember, I did this same thing with my Glimmer Mists and other spray paints. I have about 35 of them now, and it has been VERY helpful. You can see that post here.  Thanks for stopping by, and happy Friday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Cool---now what are those two pink polka-dot items between paint jars (with their nifty color swatch circles showing) with the keychains attached? Inquiring minds want to know; given your love for pink, they could be decorative, but I'm guessing they have a function.
Thanks--Jennifer in Ohio

Patter Cross said...

LOL Jennifer! Yes, they have a purpose! Those are my Cutterbee Bugs (piercing tools). You can see them here at

:) Have a blessed day!

Janet said...

Hey Patter - I have never used dabbers before - have you posted any of your creations using them? I have been wanting to try using paint, but want to investigate more and have always loved Tim Holtz items (I really like the idea of the dapper - it appears less messy) Always love your organization tips - I have used so many of them myself.

Have a great weekend.


Patter Cross said...

Janet, I am so glad you have used so many of the organizational ideas. I love to help! :) And I just used the white dabbers on this Scripture Challenge layout:

I also used them on the art journal page I linked in this post. Yes, they are definitely less messy! :) If they start to get thick over time, you can add a small amount of water, shake, and they are good again. But that doesn't happen for some time! You should try them, they are great! Have a blessed night!

Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like fun!

Happy blogoversary :)

Kat said...

Love this idea, I'm going to have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

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