Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Hymn and Scripture Challenge} Giveaway & Questions Answered

First, I am so excited to see all of the lovely pages pouring in from the first study published last week. There are so many beautiful stories and pages. I love reading them all! And glad to see several of you needed tissues as you watched the Wintley Phipps video. I am glad I am not the only one that cries through that! If you missed the first study, you can see it here and join in at any time! We would be blessed to have you!

And remember, to see ALL of the information on this study including sharing in your churches, on your blog, etc., be sure to read this post here! Thank you!

Questions Answered
I have had a few questions since my post last week so I thought I would address them here. Many have asked about the book I am using. I am using "Then Sings My Soul" by Robert Morgan (see below). Yes, there are at least 3 or 4 different versions of this book. I may be using all versions. I will be choosing the hymn first as God leads me. Then in whatever book contains the hymn, I will read some of the history. I know some of you wanted to purchase the books but I am not using any one exclusively. They are just an aid.

Robert Morgan also has a book called "Near to the Heart of God" which contains stories about each of 366 hymns and information on the writer and lyrics of the hymn. This book may be of help to some of you also. has this book (slightly imperfect) for $5.99. They also have an eBook version for $2.39. The Kindle book version is $1.79 on if you have a Kindle. :) I have the slightly imperfect version, and it looks brand new to me. I can't find a thing wrong with it. :)

I will actually be using many resources to put together the studies but the books listed above will be my "go to" along with the Bible. You do not need to purchase a thing for this study! I will always include online resources for you to look at just as I did last week.

If you have questions, you can ask them in the comment section of each study, and I will answer there so others can see. You can also always e-mail me. I hope this is helpful. :)

Now onto the fun stuff. Today I am giving away 3 RAKs. You must leave a comment in this post stating something about how the study has helped you thus far, what you are looking forward to as you study this year, how you pray God will grow you as you study, or whatever. Leave your comment in this post by next Saturday, January 14th, at 11:59 p.m. Central, and I will have choose 3 winners to be announced in the next study. Here are the 3 RAKs you may win:

Wintley Phipps CD
After my father sent me Mr. Phipps YouTube video on Amazing Grace, I knew I had to have a few of his albums. They have not disappointed! I bought an extra, and I thought I would share it with one reader today. Here is the album someone will receive:

This is one of the books I will be using. I have an extra to give away. There is also a CD included of the hymns.

This is an album I had made by Pam of Heart of Texas Studio. She teaches at the same store where I teach Memory Box classes. Anyway, I purchased the license plate, and then she turned it into a 3-ring album. They are amazing. I had several done even out of my old license plate from South Carolina. They will truly make fun albums. Click the link listed above, and you can see more information or have your own album made. I hope someone can use this one below and enjoy it!

So, let me know if you have more questions, and be sure to leave a comment so that you are entered to win one of the gifts above. Thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed week ahead!


Kathy said...

Patter - Thank you so much for doing this study/challenge. I had a rough last year with breast cancer - but the Lord saw me through. One scripture that I held on to is 2 Cor. 12:9 - "My grace is sufficient for you." As soon as I can figure out how to upload my LO (I'm computer technically challenged), I will. God bless you!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for doing a study on hymns. I love hymns and music in general. I know I will be blessed as we learn stories behind the hymns, and how God worked in the writer's lives. Thanks again for all you do!

Cheryl said...

Hey Patter, I am so blessed by your work! This challenge is just such a blessing! As a musician I find that music always draws me closer to God and I love the old hymns with their beautiful music and thought-provoking lyrics. One of my favorite sayings is:

''Bach gave us God's Word. Mozart gave us God's laughter. Beethoven gave us God's fire. God gave us Music that we might pray without words.''

I am looking forward to more great inspiration during this challenge and also to doing this study with my best friend who recently moved away - we have committed to working on each challenge together via skype this year :)

Tonya W said...

WOW!!!! Patter you are such a blessing and I am so humbled by your obedience. You are an amazing writer -- thank you for sharing this post and giving us this challenge. What a perfect way to worship God - through hymns and scriptures!!!!!!!!

Verona said...

I like the idea of doing hymns this year. "Where words fail music speaks" And I especially enjoyed Phipps showing us how the spirituals can be played on the black keys. I have the stand and have ordered my page protectors, but I'm one of those who don't know how to upload a picture to the computer to show it! Maybe I'll work on my page today. I have the song stamp.

nancyparker55 said...

Patter, My daughter told me about your blog & she thought that I would enjoy the challenge. So we've decided to take up the challenge together. It's great for conversation, fun & fellowship. Thanks for opening this door.

Susan said...

Thank you for your faithfulness. Just the receipt of your studies is an encouragement and reminder to "keep on keeping on," as an old pastor friend is want to say.

"Do not grow weary in well doing" -- thank you my friend.]

crazyoldsyd said...

wow, I am so looking forward to doing this study. My mother (who died when I was 11)was our church organist, so this study will bring back so many memories of her playing these awesome songs. Thanks for the beautiful beginning with "Amazing Grace", something that I need each and every day of my life. Thanks for doing this, hope to get my first layout, 8.5 x 11 posted this week.

In his hands,

A-M said...

Patter, I have been joining you in these scripture challenges since the one in 2008 and look forward to each time you share the thoughts and word or this year hymn. Your devotional thoughts are always so encouraging.

This year will be great as you share hymns. I am not a good singer but I love to sing praises to our Lord.
Your choice for the first challenge was so applicable. The last visit I had with my dying mother I was playing my CD of hymns for her and Amazing Grace really stood out to me.

I thank the Lord that you let Him use your talents in all that you share.
Bless You

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Thanks Patter for this Hymn study and challenge. As a pianist, hymns are near and dear to my heart. I'm really looking forward to participating and making a scrapbook with each of the hymns you profile, and digger deeper into each hymn and reflecting on the lyrics. Thanks for offering this giveaway. ~ Abby

Chrisd said...

I am thrilled that a hymn study is the focus of the year.I feel recharged whenever I listen to my favorite hymns and am eager to learn more about them . I will be participating and growing in my faith . Blessings to you for your sharing.

Jasmine said...

I have fallen in love with this challenge, Patter. Even as a child I loved singing hymns and that continues today... It has been wonderful completing the challenge with my Ma {nancyparker55} and I look forward to continuing it throughtout the year! Thanks so much!

Paper doll said...

What a wonderful New study!! What a wonderful giveaway!

Susan M said...

I was so blessed by last years challenge! Thank you for this new one and for all the work you put into it. It will be lovely to combine the hymns with a scripture.Thanks for all your inspiration.

Lucy said...

Thanks, Patter!
Singing Hymns and in this case, working with hymns, helps keep truth before our eyes and application of it!
Thanks for the reminder of how rich God's grace is and how amazing that he would take the initiative!

NickelNook said...

Yay, Patter! This years challenge is off to such a wonderful start! As I shared in my first post, hymns are near and dear to my heart for a number of reasons! These studies will be a true blessing to many of us! Also, there are so many wonderful new participants to befriend! WOOHOO for all of us!...Nancy :o)

Brenda said...

What an amazing challenge you have come up with. You have been such a blessing to me over the years.

You were one of the first people to lead me back to Christ with your Scripture Challenge years ago. I can't even remember how many years ago that was. I often go back and read through my notes.

This will be such a fun challenge. I will be following along with this challenge also. Am looking forward to your inspiration.

your sister in Christ,

ps ~ you will not know in this world how many people you have touched. But God's promise is that you will know in Heaven. BIG HUGS to you dear lady!..

Sheila said...

I enjoy your writing-always thought provoking. Thank you for sharing yur God given talent with all of us!

Lavonne said...

Thanks for starting this new study with hymns. I wish hymns were sung more than they are. I really miss hearing them!

Valerie said...

Hi Patter!!!
I have been following you since your 1st Scripture Challenge and I LOVE them. I was worried that you might
"retire" after your last one and I was thrilled when you revealed that God was leading you to continue with the Hymns! I LOVE music of all kinds but I esp. LOVE the HYMNS!!! Our church is more contemporary and though I love the Praise and Worship and REALLY miss the Good 'ol I think this challenge will be very refreshing to me and I am hoping to learn more about the writer's story and often pain/fire they have gone through. Thanks for all the hard work and time in preparing these challenges for all of us to learn and grow!

MaxineD said...

I love that God took you to this challenge this year - I too love hymns and miss them in our more contemporary worship.
Thank you so much for your faithfulness in these challenges.

Jonia said...

Wow Patter how generous you are! I am so excited about this challenge this year as I know that God has His hand on it and I know that as I go through it He will grow me. And to be able to share your lessons for each Hymn will be a great learning experience for me! Blessings to you Patter!

BarbaraB said...

When you told us that you were going to do a scripture challenge on hymns I was excited and looking forward to it.
When I saw your first bible study on Amazing Grace I was thrilled. It is my absolute favorite hymn. I used it as a lullaby for my baby girls and I even want it played at my funeral.
I love the version by Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone).
I am looking forward to seeing what other hymns you will choose.
God bless you as you continue the scripture challenge.

FIBERONE said...

I am delighted to learn about your scripture challenge on hymns. I enjoy hymns-hearing them, studying about them, but I especially enjoy playing hymns on the organ or piano. I have been a volunteer church pianist/organist more than 50 years. There is no pay, but the retirement benefits are out of this world

Gemiel said...

Patter, I'm so glad that God led you to this challenge for 2012. I have been a lover of hymns since I was a little girl, but I've never studied the spiritual truths behind the hymns. I have already learned so much from the Amazing Grace challenge and can't wait to find out what the next hymn will be.

MaryE said...

Patter, Thank you for doing a challenge again this year. I completed the 2010 challenge and have done my title page and "Amazing Grace" for this study. I now have to decide how and where to post my pictures. Thank you for the blessing that these studies are to me.

Erin S. said...

Thank you so much for showing us how to incorporate the Word into our craft. I love your blog and I'm really excited to participate in this year's study. I used your previous studies as a jumping off point and made my friend, a pastor, a perpetual Bible verse stand for Christmas 2011. She loved it!

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