Friday, July 5, 2013

Organizational {Friday} Coming Soon From Stampin' Things!

Most of you remember my posts about the amazing products from Stampin' Things. If you want to see my post on their various units, please click here. You can also visit their website here.

The Ultimate Tray
Today I wanted to share a new product that Sue has developed. It's called The Ultimate Tray. It arrived this morning via FedEx, and my girls and I have been "oohing and aghing" over it ever since it arrived. Even my daughter that loves dollhouses felt she could use it for her dollhouse goodies. I wonder if that was a subtle hint that she wants my new tray. LOL! Anyway, here is a photo of the empty tray:
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The dimensions are:
Height: 4" (not including handles)
Length: 18"
Depth: 16"
Number of Cubbies: 24
Large Cubby: 3 3/8" x 3"
Small Cubby: 3 3/8" x 2 1/4"

Note: Dividers can be removed to make cubbies into various sizes!

You can use this tray flat on a desk or table for horizontal storage, or you can stand it on end or on its side for vertical storage.

How Can You Use This Tray?
The possibilities are endless! You can fill the cubbies with embellishments, Project Life Cards, punches, adhesives, you name it! Let's look at some sample ideas.

First, you can use it to store your Project Life cards and other Project Life items. Here you can see I have numerous Project Life kits as well as washi tape, adhesive, punches, stapler, scissors, corner rounder, and room for more!
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I also stood the unit on its side and put a few 4 oz. baby food jars in 3 of the cubbies.
Now you could probably find better jars. These jars were a bit small. I could push them back and still have a bit of room. A jar that is just a bit larger would get you even more storage space. Or if you are storing the tray horizontally, you would not even need jars. Just fill up those cubbies with embellishments, cards, etc.

How Many PL Kits?
To give you an idea of how a Project Life Core Kit fits in The Ultimate Tray, I put the entire Kraft Core Kit in just 3 cubbies. And as you can see, there is room to spare. I did remove one divider so that the 4x6 cards fit well. I also put the unit on its side so you can see that it can sit on a table that way for Project Life storage.
And if this photo is any indication, it looks like you should be able to fit 6-7 Project Life Core Kits in The Ultimate Tray. Wow! And if you are storing this horizontally, it is very easy to pick up and carry to various places around your home to work on your Project Life pages. So fun!

Also if you use cards other than Project Life, this piece is perfect because of the adjustable cubby size! Just remove a divider, and make this piece work for you!

Where to Buy?
This piece is coming soon! You are getting the first sneak peek of this new product! If you are interested in this beautiful storage piece, Sue will have it on the Stampin' Things site for ordering soon. I will post here on my blog with links when it is available. Go ahead and add it to your wish list and be one of the first to order as soon as it's available!

Note: This tray can now be ordered by clicking here! :)

I hope you are as excited about this tray as I have been. Sue really designs and makes stunning pieces! Feel free to leave her comments here on what you think of her newest design! Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed weekend!


Liana S. said...

Wow! It's fabulous. I love it for Project Life!

Anonymous said...

This is a great tray, with all sorts of possibilities. I've been unaware of what Project Life is, and a web search has been helpful...what amazing little cards! I hope you and yours are well, and pray for a good day for you all. --Jennifer in Ohio

Valerie Andrieux said...

I love it, even if I don't do PL !

julie e said...

I don't do PL, but that tray is awesome.

Sarah Webb said...

Oh swoon!

Fawn said...

I need this tray in my life! I love that it holds so many PL cards and embellishments.

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