Friday, September 13, 2013

Organization {Friday} Project Life Photos

So, how many times have you started and given up on Project Life? I can admit many times. However, currently I am in a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking called Project Life Lessons. I tend to start and stop Project Life because I really do not have a system in place for printing my photos. I find that to be one of my biggest problems. Anyway, the class started last week, and now I find myself finally developing my own system. Let's look at what I have done thus far.

Below are a list of supplies I use to print my photos and get them ready to put into my PL albums.

*Photoshop Elements (PSE)
*Photosheet (free download available online)
*Polaroid template (links below)
*Epson PictureMate Charm printer
*(2-3) Iris Photo 4''X6'' Cases
*Printed monthly calendars (link below)

Editing and Printing
Now let's look at how I am get my photos printed and some of the journaling completed. 

First, I go through my daily/weekly photos and find the ones I want to print. I have a picture folder on my computer labeled "Project Life 2013." Within that folder, I have folders for each month. Here is a screen shot.
Next, I edit the photos in PSE. Sometimes I use a Polaroid template to add journaling to some photos. I got this wonderful idea from Annette Haringone of the instructors of the class I am taking. I personally find this is the most helpful to me and truly the best idea! I can add the date and journaling right there as I process the photo, print it, and I am done. I really love this not to mention they look super cute when they are printed. Here's an example of one I printed on Wednesday:
Once the photo is edited, it's ready for me to print, trim, and add to my album. Easy and simple. This is great for when you do not have a lot of time. I also love it because I have carpel tunnel so it hurts to do a lot of hand journaling. I include some hand journaling but not for everything. I think it's nice to have a mix.

You can download a free Polaroid template by clicking here. This template contains the days of the week on each Polaroid. Or you can click here and download a template that will allow you to add your own journaling. Be sure to search Pinterest too. There were a lot on there when I searched.

Photo Boxes
After the photos have been printed and trimmed, I sort them into monthly piles. Here you can see a few stacks of printed and trimmed photos. I also put the photos in date order so they are truly ready to slip into my pocket pages. Right now I am mostly using 4x6 and 3x4 photos in my album. I don't use the Polaroid template for all of my photos but certainly for a lot of them. Some photos I print in Photosheet so that I can have two 3x4 photos on a sheet. You can dowload Photosheet by clicking here.

You can use photo boxes to create weekly boxes or monthly boxes for your photo storage. It depends on how many photos you have a week/month. The boxes I use are the Iris Photo 4''X6'' Cases. You can get these at Hobby Lobby, Joann's, and various other places. 
Next, I print monthly calendars to add to the front of each photo box. I use the free calendars from Finding Nana. You can click here to download her calendar. I tape the calendar to the inside lid of the box with washi tape. The washi tape comes off easily when I am ready to use the box for another month. If you are using photo boxes for weekly photos, you could just circle the week on the calendar to know which photos are printed inside.

Now you are ready to take your box and your album and get your photos into your pocket pages. I store the photo boxes on the bottom tier of my Raskog cart. If you missed my post about my cart, you can see it here.

I am SO excited about this new system. I love having my photos ready to put into my album either on the weekend or when I have time. I think I have finally found a winning system for myself. I hope you have found it helpful too. Blessings,


Cindy Jones said...

Like you, I created monthly files on my computer. Within the monthly files, I created weekly files. Within the weekly files, I created "To print-PL" files. This is where I put my corrected photos.
Another tip: use Picasa to correct photos. Some of the effects, like "boost" use less steps to greatly enhance a photo.
I love the idea of using a polaroid template to capture journaling.
The way you organize your photos in the photo boxes is a great way to stay organized!
Love your blog!

Susan said...

Patter, it always amazes me how organized you are...I've gotten a lot of great ideas from you...Thanks!

Stephanie said...

What a geat idea, Patter. I really like the Polaroid template. So cute. So far, I have monthly folders on my computer. :)

cwhit1397 said...

Patter I just found your website through your comments in the Project Life Lessons forum. Thank you so much for the info you shared! Your blog is amazing...I am so glad I found it!
I noticed that you stated in one blog that you only used 8x8 albums. Are you adapting Project Life to that size?? I share your feeling of 12x12 albums being to bulky to want to deal with them. Thanks for any comments!
God bless you

Ruth said...

I am on my 2nd papillon! They are masters of escape! LOL

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