Saturday, November 9, 2013

{Another Afghan} Today is the Day

Do you remember when I started this afghan back in August? You can see my very small start here:

Well, I finished it on September 8th but today is the day I will give it to the family at the baby shower. This is for the little boy they are expecting in December. We are praying that this baby's daddy will make it home from Afghanistan in time for the delivery!
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I used Canon Simply Soft yarn as recommended by my sweet college friend, Nancy. She uses this for a lot of her creations, and she was rightit is the perfect softness for a baby afghan! I had never used this yarn before but I will definitely be using it again! Thanks Nancy! Now for the stats.

Size: 25" x 35" (great baby blank size)
Starting Chain: 121 chains
Number of Colors Used: 6 different colors
Number of Rows: 50 (2 rows of each color before changing color)
Pattern Used: Click here
Date Started: August ?, 2013
Date Finished: September 8, 2013

I hope this inspires you to pick up some yarn and start a little something. It's definitely cold enough now to snuggle underneath your afghan as you work on it! Have a blessed Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful blanket that the family will love, I'm sure. I will pray that daddy makes it home for babies appearance.
If I'm not mistaken, you gave information on the pattern for this afghan back when you were making them for the girls. Of course now that I have time to start one, I can't find it. Any chance I could get it again. Maybe others that didn't save it, would like to have it too. Thanks a million. I always look forward to your blog. It has such a sweet spirit within it. Thanks for all your sharing. Debbie

TLady said...

LOVELY JOB PATTER!!!!!!! I'm SURE ALL of your hard work & thoughtfulness will be SOOO APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!! :) You are VERY THOUGHTFUL!!! HOPE that this baby's father makes it home in time for the birth too!!!!!!! It's SUCH A SPECIAL TIME FOR FAMILIES!!!!!!:)

Kerri ( said...

Hi Patter. This is so beautiful. Praying that the dad-to-be makes it home in time!! One question as I am working on this pattern right now. What is the scallop pattern around the outside? It looks similar to the pattern for the afgan.

thanks for sharing and all you do.

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