Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{Art Journaling} Pages for Cards

I have been meaning to scan some of my art journaling pages and canvases for a long time. I just have not made it a priority, and I haven't had the time. So last night, I decided to scan a few, and I must say that I am very pleased with the results!

First, I picked a few of my favorite art journaling pages. I then scanned them and saved them as .jpeg images. Once I did that, I used Photoshop Elements to crop and resize. Then I saved each scanned item. Once scanned and saved, I can print and use them for anything!

This morning I printed a few of those scans onto Neenah Bright White cardstock. I then trimmed them down to 3"x4" cards. Here is how they turned out:
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I can use these for my Project Life pages or anywhere else I might want to tuck a card. I could have also cut them to 4"x6" or used for card backgrounds, scrapbook pages, etc. There are SO many uses for my scanned pages, and I am quite excited about the possibilities. Now not only do I have the original, I can use my favorites again and again!

So, try scanning a few of your pieces and see what you can do with them! Enjoy!


GLOANN said...

These are just lovely, Patter. I can see where you will find so many uses for them.

Lisa Echerd said...

They are beautiful! And what an genius idea to scan and use for other things. Just started an art journal so this makes it seem even more worthwhile.

Stephanie said...

These are so beautiful, Patter! What a great idea to scan, resize and print them out to use them for other things.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! What a wonderful idea!!! :) Evie

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