Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quick {Crochet} Lap Blanket

If you remember the quick crochet scarf I shared last week, well today's creation is made with the same pattern and the same yarn (just a different color). If you missed that post, click here. So for today's creation I chose to make a lap blanket for one of my daughters. This yarn is so heavy that I don't think it would make a good full afghan because of the weight but for a lap blanket, it is amazing.

The Stats
Yarn: Bernat Baby Blanket in Little Royales, Bernat Blanket Yarn in Taupe (edging)
Hook Size: 9 mm (M)
Starting Chain: 74 chains
Number of Colors Used: 2 different colors
Amount of Yarn Used: Three 10.5 oz. skeins of Little Royales and a bit of one 10.5 skein of Taupe
Pattern: Click here.
Finished Size: 36" x 40"
Date Started: November 23, 2014
Date Finished: November 29, 2014
Time to Complete: 6 days

I hope you have enjoyed today's lap blanket. I am now working on one in pink for one of my other daughters. I will share it soon. Happy crocheting!

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Anonymous said...

This is lovely, Patter. I'm a beginning knitter and an even more beginner on crochet, but hope to learn the shell pattern one of these days (today's not looking possible). :-) Jennifer in Ohio

P.S. Do your daughters read your blog? is the lapghan a surprize???

Patter Cross said...

Thank you sweet Jennifer! :) And this pattern is SUPER easy. That's why I do it because it's "mindless." I don't have to think, I can just relax and crochet without a pattern.

And yes, my girls read my blog. My goal was to have this done for my daughter when she was home over Thanksgiving break. I wanted her to take it back with her to school. She did, and thank goodness because when she got back to her dorm room Sunday night, it has flooded. She has had to sleep on the floor in her sister's dorm room, and has not been able to be in her room. She said the only thing getting her through this week is her new blanket. She LOVES to cuddle with her blankets yes even at 20. :) Have a blessed day sweet Jennifer!

Sherry said...

Hi Patter! Your daughter's blanket is beautiful. The colors are gorgeous! I love using this crochet stitch as well. I have made several scarves and baby blankets with it, as well as 2 American Girl doll blankets.
I enjoy reading your blog. I used to follow your work and comments on 2peas and :)

God's Peace and Blessings to you and your family this Christmas season!

Jamie Sawyer said...

Hi,Patter!! This is absolutely an amazing pattern! ! I am making an afghan out of the bernat blanket and it is just gorgeous,soft,and I already want to just snuggle up with it!!! I have followed all the links for the pattern ,but I can not seem to find the pattern for the edging you have done on the lap blanket? I am totally new to this ,so I apologize in advance if I have missed it. Thankyou so much for this easy peasy pattern and great tutorial! !

Anonymous said...

Love this blanket. How do I get the pattern? When I click the link it goes to a different Afghan.

Patter Cross said...

Anonymous, that this the correct pattern when you click the link. They just used a different pattern of colored yarns where I used one type of yarn. Hope that helps.

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