Sunday, January 25, 2015

Glory Art {Tips} Using Envelopes for Texture

Need more texture? Why not save all of those security envelopes you get in the mail? They are free, and a great way to recycle. I have piles of them saved up, and I love to use them. 

On today's creation, the security envelope was not the color I wanted. It had a black and white background but I wanted a blue background. So, why not paint it? I chose to use my favorite watercolors (Kurtake Watercolors) because they are transparent, and it would not cover up the great texture of the envelope.

See how the texture still shows through, and I get the blue color I wanted? Love it! I then tore the envelope into strips and put them onto the base of my four Scripture Art Cards. I added a bit of distress paint and began layering to create today's cards. Notice how I also used underpaper that we discussed in the last Glory Art {Tips} post. So, this is how today's cards started out!

I also stamped some leaves onto the envelope using distress paint. I cut the leaves out and also used them on today's cards.

Now for the final product. You can see how I used the envelope in three different ways for these cards:
  • for the title on the card
  • the stamped leaves
  • the layers underneath that I started with
See how it all just adds more texture?

You can use envelopes on any creation. Look how I even used it on my Journaling Bible page from a couple of weeks ago. I painted the envelope yellow, stamped the word 'trust', then used my sewing machine to sew around the edges before putting it into my Bible. You can see that Journaling Bible post here.

So, save those envelopes. They are free, and you can change them into any color for your creations to add great texture. Thanks for stopping by, and click here to see all of the tips posted thus far. Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea to reuse these. Thanks for showing how. Jennifer in OH.

Natalie said...

What a great way to get a new look with that texture! You are so creative!! Have a lovely week, God bless!

Kelly R said...

what a fun way to recycle and add some interest to your work awesome!

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