Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Text Blocks for {Journaling} Bible

Today I thought we would talk about creating text blocks. Angela posted this comment on Sunday's post:

"I love how you do the text blocks. Do you print each word out as you need them or do you keep a stash of suitable words in different styles and fonts?"

First, I do not keep a stash of words. I basically find them or create them as I create my page. And to help give you an idea of how I create them, I thought I would share a few ideas with you. Let's get started.

Letter Stickers
I use letter stickers a lot. I almost always stick them to a piece of paper first so that I can either stitch on them (as I did with the word 'witness'), make sure the spacing is correct, or even cut them down. I did cut down each sticker in the word 'humility'. It was too wide to fit in the margin so I cut down the letters to make them thinner. There is almost always a wide margin on letter stickers so it's easy to change their size. You can also create fun backgrounds for your words by sticking them to a piece of paper first. You can see what I did differently with the word 'me' below.

I use stamps on every single Journaling Bible page. I have several sets that are my "go to" sets that I love. Again, I generally stamp on another piece of paper first so I can stitch or create a fun background. I also use tickets. They are really fun to use on pages.

Some of my favorite alpha stamp sets that I use are the following sets:

*Upper and Lowercase Alpha sets from etsy.com. There are many sellers that have these sets.

*Provo Craft Rolling Stamp sets. I have had these for many, many years but I am sure you can find them on eBay or various places.

I have a 1960's Smith-Corona typewriter that sits on my craft table. I just love it, and I use it a lot. I type on everything from deli paper, hymn paper, ledger paper, stickers (see how I typed the word 'blotted out' on the tag sticker below), or anything else I can find. I do use Judikins Microglaze once I type the letters so that it becomes waterproof. For more information, see my link about Microglaze below.

Helpful Links
I have posted about how I have specifically created some of these text boxes. I will link them here if you want to see those posts also.

*EnvelopesSee how I stamped the word 'trust' in this post here about using envelopes for texture.

*Deli PaperSee how I stamped the word 'wait' on deli paper in this post here. Deli paper makes a great hidden background.

*MicroglazeLearn more about how I use it in this post here.

Other Products
There are plenty of word and alpha stickers available on the market. I will link what I can at the bottom of this post. Some of my favorites are:

*Tim Holtz Chit Chat StickersI almost always outline these for fun.

*My Mind's Eye Tiny Alpha StickersThey have many colors and varieties. I keep all colors on hand and use them a lot. They also have a few words available in each set.

*Simple Stories Alpha StickersMore great letter stickers that come in a lot of colors and work great for Journaling Bible pages. I used these stickers for the word 'Christ' above.

*Papers UsedI use old book paper, deli paper, newsprint paper, hymn paper, etc. to add letters, typing, and stamping.

I hope you have found this post helpful. Have fun finding ways to create unique text boxes for your pages. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

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Angela Hoynes said...

Thank you so much for answering my question like this. Really informative, thank you again.

Patter Cross said...

You are welcome Angela! And I appreciated the question. :) Blessings,

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