Friday, October 30, 2015

Organizational {Friday} Got Words?

Can you believe I am posting an organizational post? I don't have too much to organize anymore thus the lack of posting. I am very pleased with how I have things in my studio though it could use a good, good cleaning!

Anyway, today's topic is about all of those stamped words. Oh my goodness. I have stamp sets from Technique Tuesday, Ali Edwards, Kaleidoscope Creations, Paper Trey Ink, etc. For over a year I have wanted to organize these stamps because I have tons of amazing words that could be used on my Journaling Bible pages, on my Project Life spreads, and other creations. So, this week I decided to tackle this project. Let's take a look.

Stamp Inventory
To begin, I have not redone my Rolodex stamp inventory that I created back in 2010. Click here to see that post. I have only added to that system, and I now have three pink Rolodex's full of my stamp inventory. All scriptures are now on one Rolodex as I have so many scripture stamps. Scriptures are sorted in order of the books of the Bible which makes it super simple to find a scripture stamp. I love this system, and it has worked amazing for me for the last 5 1/2 years. So, organizing all of the clear, stamped words I have is just an extension of that system I created in 2010. The stamp sets are never broken up. Just the individual words are stamped onto a Rolodex card so I can find the stamp quickly and easily.

Clear Stamp Storage
My cling mount stamps are still stored in the Univenture Binders. Again, they work great for me. However, I did not want to store my clear stamps in them. First, I would not have had room for more boxes. Second, I did not want to spend money on more binders. So, I chose to keep all of my clear stamps in the Avery Elle Stamp and Die Storage Pockets. (Note: Links to most products mentioned are at the bottom of this post.)

To start, I cut a piece of Nennah Bright White cardstock to 5 1/2" x 7 1/4". I then type the name of the stamp set and the manufacturer onto the cardstock using my Smith-Corona manual typewriter. This way I do not have to create labels. It's super quick for me to type this onto the cardstock then put the cardstock down into the pocket along with the stamp set. The pockets are stored alphabetically by set name not by manufacturer. The sets are then stored in alphabetical order by set name.

I now make my own dividers for my Rolodex using black cardstock and paint chips. You can see the dividers above for my themed stamps, and the dividers below for my word stamps that I have been organizing this week. I use the Heidi Swapp Memorydex 2-Slot punch to punch the black cardstock. It fits my Rolodex perfectly and works much better than the old Rolodex punch I used to use. 

The Cards
Who would have known I had so many "hello" stamps had I not completed this project? And now I know exactly what I have and where to find them quickly. I love color so I chose to stamp the images in different colors. Notice on each card you can see the manufacturer on the left and the set name on the right. Remember these stamps are stored in alphabetical order by set name in my storage box (see below).

Notice that I have two stamps on some of the cards above. If the words were from the same set and they were the same word just different style, I stamped multiple images on the same card.

The Storage Box
I found a great canvas storage box at Lowe's Hardware to store all of my clear storage pockets. I have placed the tag in the photo below so you can see the product information.

Again, I created dividers using black cardstock and paint chips. I also added sari ribbon to the box to add more fun color.

I am so excited to use a lot more of my word stamps now that I have this project complete. It is so wonderful to see all of the amazing words I have on hand, and now I can quickly grab what I want to use.

I hope I have remembered to share everything with you. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section, and I will reply there. I hope you find this post helpful in some way. Happy stamping and organizing!

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Tink said...

Looks great! I love the black dividers. This must have taken quite a while! I've lost steam on my own Rolodex stamp index. (:

Patter Cross said...

Tink, the key is to keep up with it. :) Every time you get a new set, stamp it out and be done. It's super fast that way. When I get behind, I always kick myself! :)

Melanie Lewis said...

GREAT idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

MerryMom said...

Thanks Patter, I enjoy reading your organization tips and I have used some of them.

DottyA Cards & Things said...

I Love this idea for my word stamps both clear and rubber.... I already have a LARGE Rolodex and a bunch of blank cards so think I'll start with my Birthday stamps first..
It looks like you have plastic over your cards... I did not see that in the Product List would you share that too!!!?
Thanks so much for all your ideas

Emma Squared Designs said...

I have been looking for a typewriter like yours for several years now. Where did you get it? Are replacement ribbons easy to find?


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