Thursday, June 23, 2016

{ICAD} #2 and #3

Just a quick post sharing my card from yesterday and today's card. These are so simple and quick to do. Each of these cards use leftover backgrounds from book paper or deli paper. Remember to see all of the details of this challenge, click here

ICAD #2, Pyramid

ICAD #3, Snoopy

I would love to know in the comment section if you are joining in too! Have a blessed day!


Tiffani said...

Love your cards! Inspiring!

Dee Bee said...

Very uplifting cards you made. I just read about this yesterday so i made my first icad ever....

Anonymous said...

Love these! Inspired me to look for my date stamp and use it. Would it be "cheating" to eventually use said index cards as the main front of a card? Or in a layout? I see all sorts of possibilities here.
Thanks, Patter! Jennifer in Ohio

Carolyn and Jim said...

Hi Patter Thankyou for the tour of your studio loved it.
Also really enjoy your art work
The Snoopy card is lovel hope to make one similar
Have blessed day. Carolyn������

Tish Schneider said...

Love these!!

Jo Ann D'Angelo said...

Love these, what great inspiration! Where can we find the cards your using? They look like mini file folders, I've never seen those before!

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