Wednesday, June 22, 2016

{ICAD#1} Mix Tape

Have you heard of the challenge called 'Index Card a Day'? I hadn't. An online friend of mine has been posting her cards, and I finally asked her what it was. She told me the name of the challenge is 'Index Card a Day' (ICAD). So I googled it of course, and I discovered this fun challenge. There are 61 prompts that run from June 1st to July 31st. You can start anytime, and all of the details can be found by clicking here. Anyway, I decided to give it a try. I am not really making any extra work for myself because I have decided to have some cards pre-gesso'd and ready to go. I also will create quick backgrounds while working on art journaling pages. And my focus will be on scripture so that I will end up with 61 scripture cards. So, let's look at the first card I did yesterday.

First, you can see that I started another art journaling page. I did the background on the card at the same time I started the background in the journal. Simple!

Then I decided to just keep the background on the card that simple. Nothing else except adding a piece of washi tape for the challenge prompt, a bit of sewing, and my scripture along with the date and a few splatters. Done!

To create the very fast background, I used my favorite Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Satin mixed with three different colors of blue paint. Then I painted a bit of each color on the card. Once it was painted, I put a stencil on top and rubbed off some of the paint with a baby wipe. Simple, simple, simple. Let it dry, and then I added the other items. The glazing keeps the paint wet a bit longer so it doesn't dry so fast. That allows for many different techniques when your paint stays wet longer. Love it! The cards I am using are the 3x5 Smead Card Guides. They are stiff and so nice!

I hope you enjoy this new challenge. I would love to know if you are going to play along too. I will probably lump several cards together in future posts for you to see. Be sure to check out the Facebook page noted on her FAQ page. There are SO many different kinds of styles. You don't have to do mixed media. It's whatever you want to create using any products. Thanks for stopping by!

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Susan M said...

Love the blue colours and the lovely stencil you'll have a great collection of beautiful cards !

BR said...

hi there! this is a neat challenge and i like ther idea of a childs challenge also mention in your link. you mentioned "nothing else except adding a piece of washi tape for the challenge prompt ..."
which challenge prompt are you referring to? thanks!

Patter Cross said...

BR, the details of the challenge are in the link in the first paragraph. The challenge for this particular post was just called 'mix tape'. That's it. It's up to you to determine how you want to create with that challenge. The challenges are just one or two words. You get to interpret tht however you wish. Hope that answers your question. Blessings,

Dorlene Durham said...

Your cards are always so beautiful and unique. I love the blue background on the index card and journal page. Well, I took a peek at the challenge and have decided to play along. Hopefully I'll do more than two days worth. I did my first one yesterday, mixtape and today with the pyramid. Thanks for enabling...! Dorlene

Jennifer Moneagle said...

Hello - I love what you are doing with this challenge - esp with the scriptures. I am trying to renew and grow my faith and hope you don't mind if I use some of those you have cited as I don't have the familiarity with the Bible that you do and would like to use this challenge as a way to become more so. In looking at the cards you are using, I can only find them online at Staples as 5 X 8....but I thought you said they were 3 X 5?

Thanks so much for the inspiration and for sharing!


Patter Cross said...

Thank you, Jennifer! You are too sweet, and how wonderful that you are using this to become more familiar with the Bible. As far as the cards, you can also order them from Amazon. Here is the link, and yes, mine are 3x5. Blessings,

Jennifer Moneagle said...

Thanks so much! Ordered and will be here Monday.

On another note, I also CASEd your tip on the travel bag for my supplies and love it!! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas.

Best -

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