Saturday, July 2, 2016

{ICAD} #9, #10, and #11 and the Storage Box

Today I wanted to share the storage box that I am keeping my cards in. I know all of them will not fit in here so I also have a larger Weis antique box that my Dad bought me years ago. As I create more, they will all be moved to the larger box. So, here is a look at my smaller Weis box and all of my cards thus far.

And now let's look at close-ups of my newest cardsICAD #9, #10, and #11.

ICAD #9, Compass
I did not actually want to put a compass on this card. So instead, I put circles and used a scripture about God directing my footsteps. This was more meaningful to me than an actual compass picture.

ICAD #10, Cobalt Blue
There is an archival ink called cobalt so I used that color for my card along with acrylic paints that matched. The scripture is one I came across as I was studying. I thought it was a good reminder for me.

ICAD #11, Off-Prompt Sherbet
I did not care for the prompt for today so I chose to go off-prompt, and I created my own prompt called "sherbet." I wanted to play with my Distress Paints so I grabbed three colors and swiped them across the card. I thought they were bright and happy for the verse.

I hope you are enjoying these as much as I am. Have a blessed and Happy 4th of July!


Tish Schneider said...

Cute box! I'm loving your cards. I especially love the sewing on Sherbert card. And the colors definitely say "summer'.

Anonymous said...

Fun! I am enjoying these, Patter. Intrigued by puffy mint green ribbon poking from the TEN card. How did you do that?
Happy Independence Day weekend. Love, Jennifer in Ohio

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