Friday, December 29, 2017

{Tip} Craft Sheets

Oh my word, I saw a post on Instagram this morning by my friend Dani. She created something fun with Copic inks. Look here to see her post. Anyway, as I looked at her creation, I noticed it was sitting on a craft sheet ON a clipboard. Ingenious! For crops and teaching classes, this is perfect. So, I grabbed my four pack of craft sheets, and I immediately created my own travel clipboard craft sheet. Thankfully I also had a spare, cheap clipboard sitting in my room too.

The craft sheets I use are so much cheaper than the Tim Holtz craft sheet. I purchased this box of four craft sheets from Amazon a year and a half ago. Click here to see them. They work great, and because they are inexpensive, I didn't mind cutting this one up. Thanks Dani for the great tip. Can't wait to use this. Have a blessed day everyone!


Wanda Hentges said...

Wonderful idea. I'm wondering if the craft sheets you bought are as heavy as the Ranger one. A long time ago I got some cheap ones but if you work on them with alcohol inks, they bleed right through and that doesn't happen on the Ranger ones. Just curious. Thanks!!!

Patter Cross said...

Hmm, not sure, Wanda. I don't use alcohol inks so I wouldn't be able to test it for you. Sorry but if you find out please comment back here. I am sure others may be curious too. Thanks so much!

Maxine D said...

I went to the link and that dealer does not ship to New Zealand :-(. I will have to search more. Thanks for the tip

Patter Cross said...

Oh darn, Maxine. Search on "teflon craft sheet" and you may find someone that will ship to New Zealand. :)

Becca Sadler said...

Terrific idea! Thanks for passing on this tip!

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