Thursday, December 28, 2017

{Organization} Die Cuts, Wood Veneers, and More

Messy Desk
Over the past few weeks, I have been cleaning my studio. It has not been cleaned this well since we left Texas 5 1/2 years ago. I want my studio to be ready for the new year so that I can create without the stress of messes. I also now have a good handle on what I still have after getting rid of a lot of things. Here you can see one of my desks before I cleaned it and then the after photo. It feels SO good to have a beautifully clean desk.

IKEA Fintorp
I also purchased new items from Ikea to help with the organization of my art desk. I am loving this too. The Ikea pieces are hanging on the wall in the photo, and it is from the Fintorp line if you are interested.

To see more information on the other paint storage, look here and here.

Die Cuts
One thing I still really struggled with has been die cuts. I had drawers full of them, and I didn't use them much because I could never find what I wanted. My first attempt at organizing them, I tried the binder method organizing by color. After putting several pieces into my binder, I realized this took way too much time, and it was not going to work for me at all.

So, I purchased an Iris case with 16 smaller cases. I then organized the die cuts by color; however, the first four cases contain these die cuts: doilies, months/weekdays, numbers, and multi-color. It is SO fast to sort them this way, so easy to see what I have, and now I will actually be able to use them this year. I also was able to empty three drawers in my Scrap 'n Cube so I can store something else in those drawers. Here is what my new die cut storage looks like:

Wood Veneer
My wood veneers have been in a case for 4 1/2 years, and I love to store them that way. The only trouble I had was with the numbers so I just kept them in the original packaging in a drawer. I still wasn't happy with that so I put them in a smaller case I had in the basement, labeled them, and this little container fits happily in a Scrap 'n Cube drawer for easy access. Really excited about how this turned out too.

To see my other wood veneer storage, click here.

Thanks for joining me, and if you have caught the cleaning bug like I have, I hope you finish soon. I know that is what I am hoping for myself too! :)


Nancy M said...

Great idea for the die cuts!

Becca Sadler said...

I will keep your storage and organization layout in my thoughts as my husband and I anticipate moving back into our home that's being re-built. There was a house fire in August caused by a nightlight bulb exploding. It was in our laundry room. We lost about 40-43% of the structure and about 19-20K$ of appliances, electronics, kitchen wares, and dining/office. All bathroom toiletries, cleaning supplies, foods, medicines, and OTC items had to be thrown out even if they weren't destroyed due to high heat. Hopefully in mid-to-late January we will be able to move back in. In our displaced/rental house I have about $50 of craft supplies so I can get back into crafting and creating. I use it as part of therapy to help cope with the stress and emotions. "Cleaning the slate" helps refresh the spirit and maybe it helped you uncover some buried treasures that make you want to get crafting again. Enjoy the "new" space!

Marybeth Cully said...

I love how you organized your die cuts...I wonder did you keep track of the manufacturer as you did with your wood veneers?

Patter Cross said...

Becca, I am so sorry about your house fire, and I pray you get to move back in as scheduled. I know it has to be so hard!

And Marybeth, I did not keep track of manufacturers. I decided it would have been too much work. I just want to create and enjoy. :)

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