Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The One Year Bible {Update}

Back in November, I posted about the One Year Bible I purchased. To see details about this Bible and see my previous post, click here. I am truly, truly enjoying my time in His Word each morning with this reading format. I was not sure how I was going to use this though. Was I just going to read through, study, or what? On January 1st, I just read the scriptures. Then on January 2nd, I read in Genesis 3:8When the cool evening breezes were blowing . . .” Wow, I don’t remember reading that before. I have read Genesis several times. That just hit me—“cool evening breezes blowing.” So then I realized that this is the NLT version. I don’t normally read the NLT but I like it. So, I pulled out my phone and looked on the Biblegateway app to see what it says in the NIV and the ESV. Here is what they say:

Gen. 3:8in the cool of the day.” (NIV and ESV)

Then I continued on and read in Genesis 3:16And you will desire to control your husband.” Ouch, do I do that? Do I desire to control Michael? Oh dear. What do the NIV and ESV say?

Gen 3:16desire will be for your husband.” (NIV)
Gen 3:16desire will be contrary to your husband.” (ESV)

So interesting looking at the different versions, and to think—do I want to contradict Michael or control him? Very convicting. I am finding as I read each day that I come across things just like this, and I love it. We recently did a study in our Sunday School class about different Bible versions and how they came about so I am finding all of this very interesting.

So this is what God showed me to do with this as I read through His Word this year—compare translations and really understand what He is saying to me. So for now, in the margins, I note the different phrases and translations when I find things that interest me like above. I am loving it, and I can’t wait to see what He continues to reveal to me as I read this year.

I also finished the inside cover yesterday. I have taken this Bible to the hospital, car service waiting area, etc. I have worked on this for several weeks, and I love how it turned out. I, of course, had to add my signature splatters when I was done. This has been so wonderful to take along with me as I go to appointments. Now, what will I watercolor next in this Bible?

So, did you buy this Bible? How are you using it? What medium are you using to color? Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your Wednesday!


Nancy M in NJ said...

That is an interesting take on reading your bible, comparing the various written versions. I have tried to read the bible before (I have the NIV Women's Devotional Bible) following a plan and not succeeded; sadly this has occurred with this bible, also. I had a difficult time with the format, jumping from OT to NT to the Psalms/Proverbs, so I think I will re-start it and simply concentrate on reading the OT passages first.

Your watercoloring is beautiful!

Ashley Rodgers said...

Thanks for sharing! I think I'll purchase one for myself after reading your thoughts. Also, I love how you painted the inside cover. So beautiful!

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