Sunday, January 21, 2018

Glory {Art} Rewind 2018 Study Links

This year as we study, I will update this page with a link to each challenge for easy reference! You may want to bookmark this post. Studies will be posted usually by 5 p.m. Eastern time once a month. This will be your one resource page for the entire year's study! I hope this is helpful to you!

Also, if you find you are caught up and would like to look at previous years' studies, I will link them at the end of this post for your study at any time. Blessings,

Glory {Art} Rewind 2018

Study Information (Click here for complete information on the 2018 study. I would love for you to join us at any time!)

2018 Glory {Art} Rewind Links:
Challenge 1: Example
Challenge 2: Compassion
Challenge 3: Forgiveness
Challenge 4: Religion
Challenge 5: Strength
Challenge 6: Daughter's wedding; catch-up month
Challenge 7: Anchor
Challenge 8: Plans
Challenge 9: Unable to post
Challenge 10: New
Challenge 11: Thankful
Challenge 12: Final Post with Links to All Previous Studies

Previous Years' Studies:
2017: Glory {Art} Scripture Challenge
2016: Glory {Art} Scripture Challenge
2015: Glory {Art} Scripture Challenge
2014: Scripture Lessons and Lyrics Challenge
2013: Hymn and Scripture Challenge
2012: Hymn and Scripture Challenge
2011: ABC Scripture Challenge
2010: Scripture Challenge
2009: His Holy Name Challenge
2008: Scripture Challenge

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