Monday, February 5, 2018

{Organization} Chipboard Re-do

Most of you remember when I designed for Blue Fern Studios. It still has been on of my favorite companies to work for, and I still love their products. With that said, I still have a lot of chipboard. I love it, and I love to design with it. I did not do any scrapbook pages last year or use any chipboard but that will change this year. But first, I had to reorganize what I had. In 2013, I posted about how I kept the chipboard in a binder. That worked great for a while but the binders got so full and warped over time. If you want to see my original storage method and post, click here. So obviously, that storage method was no longer working for me.

Then, this week, I had a few clear stamps that I needed to put away. As I was doing that, I thought "Why don't I store the chipboard the same way?" So, I then began my chipboard reorganization! I pulled out these supplies and got to work:

  • Neenah bright white cardstock
  • Trimmer
  • Avery Elle large storage pockets
  • typewriter
  • labeler
  • DVD divider cards
I cut down the Neenah cardstock to 7 1/4" x 5 1/2" and typed the name of the chipboard set onto that piece. Then I slipped it into the Avery Elle storage pocket followed by the chipboard. Perfection!

As I kept going through my stash, there were some sets that just had one piece of chipboard. I didn't want to waste a storage pocket for just one piece of chipboard. So, I listed each of the pieces on the cardstock and put the chipboard into the same pocket. In the photo below, I have three different sets of chipboard but they are all trinkets of some sort. So, you can see how I put them together in the same pocket.

As far as words and titles, I did something similar as above. Most of these words were individually packaged. So, I put the words on the cardstock sheet in alphabetical order and slipped them all into the pocket. As I use that word, I will probably use a pencil to line it out on the cardstock. That way I will know that I no longer have that particular word.

All of the pockets are then stored in alphabetical order in a kitchen organizer bin. Behind the chipboard, I then store my clear alpha stamps in the same pockets. The bin sits in a cubbie in my studio. I think this is going to work perfectly for me.

So, think out of the box. What supplies can you organize this way? What do you already organize this way? I hope today's post spurs some ideas for you. Have a blessed week!

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