Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scripture Challenge {RAK}

Okay, it is time for a RAK again! I don't think I have done one in a while so . . . I would love to know what kind of study you would like to do next year. I am not sure if the Lord is calling me or not to do another study; however, He may speak to me through you! I have some ideas He has give me but I want to hear from you too. So, let's hear it!

Please leave your thoughts, ideas, and comments here in the comment section by Tuesday, 11/4, at 11:45 p.m. CST. I will draw TWO winners that will each receive a one year subscription to Today's Christian Woman magazine! Good luck everyone, and thank you for joining me in this journey this year! Blessings,


java diva said...

Very cool RAK, Patter!
hhhmmm...well, how about on the Virtuous Woman?
or the fruits of the spirit?

Amy Johnson said...

I'm a little unsure about what you mean by 'weekly study', are you referring to the scripture challenge words? I really hope you continue with something like that next year, and your not going to quit. Ever since I started playing, I have received so many comments on my blog and thru emails about how people appreciate hearing about my faith. I can't do it on my own though. I really need someone else's ideas to 'bounce off of'. So keep on the good work. As far as ideas, hmm, I have none. Thats why I need you. LOL!

Tamrah T. said...

Gratitude keeps coming up for me. It's the message I've been teaching my kids and keep reminding... I could use a refresher course, too :)

Tamrah T.

Becky said...

Wow -- I love the suggestion of the Virtuous Woman, Patter, but I have to really agree with Amy -- I'm enjoying the weekly Scripture words SO much. Your week on "CHOICE" and the Max Lucado quotes you gave truly touched my heart deeply.
The other thing about your weekly words is that I share each week's word and a couple of scriptures I pick with my husband, who until about 2 years ago was rather "unchurched". We got married 18 months ago, and he's being baptised next Sunday! He even reminds me now to "check for your weekly word" on Sunday evenings!
One suggestion -- Perhaps if you're having an off week or whatever, you could have a guest "challenger" suggest a word or give a devotional.
Thanks for all you do, Patter!

Ally0005 said...

I love the scripture challenge.
I'm a new Christian so anything is helpful for me, as long as it not too deep. Sometimes at church I have no idea what people are talking about because they know the bible so well. Not all of us are there yet.

Mandi C. said...

I have just recently started reading your blog. I love your scripture challenges. I am wishing I had got in on it in the beginning. You have a real gift of sharing God's Word. I think whatever you choose to do would be great. I do like the other suggestions listed: Virtuous woman, gratitude, fruits of the spirit.

issier said...

I love the scripture challenge. I found you late in the challenge so I never started. I'm still really new and don't have any ideas on a study for next year but I would appreciate and join whatever you do. Thank you :)

nap time stamper said...

I'd love to see something dealing with our roles as women... as moms and wives specifically. On submission, teaching our children, loving our husbands, just being the women that God calls us to be I guess... There are lots of things I could learn and I'm sure there are some amazing Godly women who participate in the challenges that we could all learn from too!

A-M said...

Patter, You are a real blessing and I am so much enjoying your devotional thoughts and the challenge to create art for God's glory.
One thought going through my mind for next year is maybe - twice a month with Bible Characters. First week of the month a man and the third week a moman.
I am sure the Lord will guide you as what you should do.
Bless you

Sarah M said...

Here are a couple of things that I've been thinking of lately... I was thinking I should start a gratitude journal after hearing about a blog where the woman writes down 3 things she's thankful for everyday. This would work on a weekly or bi-weekly basis too... coming up with things to be thankful in the different areas of life
Or how about prayers?
Or hymns to do with different words (as you've so often shared during the scripture challenge).
I so enjoy doing the challenge... but do find that I get behind and have to play catch up. If you're questioning whether or not to do something again next year would you consider something bi-weekly?
I appreciate all teh work you put into this. You have been a true blessing.

Stephanie Wright said...

You've already rec'd some great ideas. I also have gotten behind due to "life events" this year but certainly would love to continue with it. I know it's a lot of work for you though. Maybe you could have a "guest designer" once a month or so to give you a break. Or you could have a guest designer do a series - for instance, someone would do several weeks concentrating on a theme like, fruit of the spirit, Titus 2 female attributes, etc.

Diana said...

This year has been hard for me ..You have something to truly brighten and help soooooooooo many people I cant imagine you not doing this and I would love to start the new year off right with continueing..I know this has probally help countless people

Megan's Memory Books said...

I would love to do a study on Proverbs 31. It is so hard for me to translate it into present day terms...what is God's idea of a virtous woman TODAY.

I love your weekly challenges and would miss them greatly. I started out late also (You were already up to week 34), but caught up and am enjoying the Bible study a lot.

Cariann said...

We were actually talking about this at church yesterday as we are looking for a new study for our women's group. One of the suggestions was to focus on a single book of the bible for a week (some books would take 2 weeks as they are larger, and a couple books could be combines as they are so small). The other ideas I can think of... Fruits of the Spirit, Proverbs 31, or women of the bible.

Awesome RAK by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patter,
Oh I hope you will continue this challenge. I don't get a chance to post often but I read your e-mails everyweek and have the list of ATC's to make.
As far as Ideas hmm maybe ways to incorporate the beatitudes and virtues into our lives.
Thank you for doing this.
Kerri MacDonald

Anonymous said...

Patter, You've have given so many ladies a chance to grow spirritually in their faith by doing the scripture challenges..My faith in the Lord was strong but as you remember I was diagnoised with Breast Cancer the last week in September. I became so angry at first..How could the Lord let this happen to me..I asked? But then as I talked with my preacher and I went back and read the scripture challenges you did and I do them as we go along,I prayed for his forgiveness, for I knew he had something better instore for me...and in a way it has been a blessing for where I go for my treatments everyone was setting around just looking at each other.Well, that wasn't going to be me I decided. The next day i carried some of my scrapbook things with me and some copies of your scriptures and I placed them on a table...the nurses were so happy for they said everyone had changed since I was they can't wait to see me come for the patients have got involved in making a scripture card and we sit and talk about the bible and our lives and the whole waiting room is buzzing now. The patients have learned we have a gift and God wants us to share it with everyone that we can. Three people have been saved since I have been going, with my teaching them the Lords word and them getting to scrap a verse and make them a card they have become to know the I guess God put me in this position to be a witness for him. My preacher was so Blessed to take me to one of the treatments one day as was the people to meet him for thru me he said I savid those people and led them to Christ. My heart is feeled with so much love and compassion for those people,they are like my family now, we've all exchanged addresses and phone numbers. And I want to say thank-you to you too for the scriptures for it was you're idea that broke the ice in my doctors office..and now everyone is talking,bringing their bibles and making scripture cards.God truly is Loving and Caring and we should Thank Him everyday of our life. He sent you my way for a reason and I believe it was to get me thru my cancer and to bring his word to those who didn't know it at the doctors office by using your tool, I gave them love and compassion for the Lord..Thank you for your words of encouragement,Brenda1958,

elainaann said...

I just discovered your scripture challenge. I would love it if you did that again next year. I want to start from week one.

Betty said...

I love the journal idea! Your scripture challenge has been such a blessing, so I would be for continuing that. You could share the "word" a week ahead, and let us share our favorite scriptures.
I love the Fruit of the Spirit idea, also.
We just need to pray that God will show you to what He wants you to do!

Sarah M said...

I thought of another idea while I was out yesterday. I find I really struggle with having a wrong view of God and his attributes. I'm often waiting for the 'other shoes' to drop in life, feeling like God is out to get me for some reason. I really have no idea why I struggle with this. He has truely blessed me... So I'd LOVE to focus on his attributes - his providence, his sovereignty, etc.
Thanks for taking out ideas!

karen In Houston said...

First of all,thank you for listening to Our Lord and doing this study, it has blessed me so very much. For next year I was thinking maybe an alphabet scripture study. You could do each leter of the alphabet twice, 52 weeks so you could do it twice, or since some people wanted a biweekly study, you could do say each letter for 2 weeks, and those that wanted could make 2 one each week and those that only want a biweekly study could only do one.
Thank you for being obedient to God's call.

issier said...

I really appreciate you writing back to me. It was so encouraging and I feel like even if I just do a little it still matters. I started this morning by getting up before everyone but it doesn't always work. My twins are 2 (girls) and my older girls are 4 and 7. I think that by the time my twins are three I could try taking them with me too. I'm going to check out the scripture challenge forum. Thanks for directing me there. I'll look forward to whatever you do next year for a study. It's so wonderful that you share yourself like that; especially for those of us who really need other Christian women to learn from.
Again, thank you and enjoy your day :)
Isabel Roberts

Leigh said...

I enjoy the scripture challenges, even if I don't participate in them often. Great job, Patter!

cinmfoster said...

I am actually up for anything that you do. I haven't posted lately but I have been following the weekly challenge and doing the research.

Cindy F.

Tanis said...

Hi Patter :)
Since I JUST started the Scripture Challenge words, I would love to see these continue!!
But if you want to roll on a theme, that would be cool too :)
Everyone's ideas are long as I'm digging into something, it doesn't really matter to me what the topic is.
(I'm SO helpful, huh??) Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patter,
I woke up this morning and came straight to the computer to see what you have in your message this morning, and MY what a tuitoral. I love it.I have been looking for something special to send out this Christmas and there it is and i'm going to add your stamps that they made on your idea from unity.I think that would be a great way to end the letter card is with one of your stamps at the end.I love those stamps and have been making some bookmarks like yoou put on the corner pages and my Bible has become my life indeed and so many of the ladies in church are buzzing about them that they are all making them some,so I thank you for that idea as well..What would so many of us do with out you,the first thing I do when I get up is check my computer to see if you have sent something new for us. God truly has Blessed you and has Blessed us with your Blog,Thank you so much taking the time out of your busy life to help others like me in our adventures of scrapping,blogging,But most of all passing the most important Gift of all,The Lords Word,for He is Most Beloved and everyone should have him in their lives. Well, need to get ready for another treatment but Thank You again, your truly are a Blessing, Brenda1958,

Karen S. said...

I would love to see this continue in some way. I haven't started my cards yet but I've printed out all of the challenges so that I can still do the whole challenge. I did introduce it to my mom too and she has started making the cards. I look forward each week to seeing what word you've picked and what verses you've chosen to share. We really do appreciate your time and hard work and dedication in doing this each week!

Vintage Scrapper said...

I've so enjoyed this year and the Scripture Challenge...I did the first 5 months in IN while living with my folks helping my mom take care of my dad...he went home to be with the Lord and those challenges helped me as I reread what I had written. Thank you.

I've read all the ideas and love them...I'm working on a study with my teenage and early 20's daughters using the book Captivating by Stasi Eldridge. Some ideas I've had for you go along with the gratitude journal or the Proverbs 31 woman (I remember as a young wife being completely depressed looking at all she did...took me years to realize it was a process and not something she learned and did all at once!) Maybe lessons on contentment which is something that is hard for me but maybe that works with the Gratitude journal. Whatever you do I'm in!

Sherry said...

Patter this has been such a blessing in my life, learning different verses and knowing verses and seeing them in a different light, of course, I am behind. I told myself I would get the rest of the words and start back working on them and came across this. I am for anything God put in front of you to do.

Thanks again!

Becky Helwig said...

Patter, Your such an inspiration to me. You will never know how much you have touched my life. This past year my 3yo grandaughter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy,Autisum,sensory problems and allergies. Everytime when we think thigns are going great something comes along and hits us down. When that happens I look up the scripture challenge for that week and when I read the scriptures it comes back to me why God has made this little girl so special in our lives. We also are battling my 44 yo SIL with panceratic cancer. We just found out this week her chemo has stopped working. So she is now living on prayers that something can be found that will help her. This is why you and your scripture challenge is so important to me as I am sure it is to others. We each have our stories to be told. So I am begging you to keep up your good work. We all need you.

scrappycandy said...

After reading all the comments I would say that you just have to be the Lord is doing a great job just through you! You have a gift for sure...and I'm sure whatever topic you choose will be the one God wants.

Heather said...

Patter you are an amazing woman of the Lord and I know whatever study you decide to do will be staright from the Fathers heart. You are so loving and giving, thank you for always pouring out!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patter,
Just wanted to let you know treatment went well today and I even stayed for awhile after. There was nine ladies and three men there and the other room where they do the chemo there was four so there was a good group today. I had the car loaded with goodies for everyone to scrap with and they were so excited. My husband even got involved helping an elderly man that is new and he was so eager to join us in talking and putting crafts together. We got alot of your bible page corners done today..I was so amazed at how this has took off...the nurses told me after my treatment I was going to have to keep coming on some days for the patients are enjoying each others company and loving the things we are working on and just sitting and talking about our situations and our Love for the Lord...I have you to think for has truly inspired me to keep meeting with these people and those to come. I guess the Lord puts people in certain positions of their life to help others just as you have with me and I'm doing now at the doctors office. I walk in bubbley and leave the same way only Blessed that I got to see everyone and we did some crafts together and talked about the Lord and how he has changed our lives. And I have even organized my things so well that I can go right to them now and that truly is a blessing for me for I have so many things. But just to see the other patients eyes light up when I walk thru the door is enough for me for I know I'm doing what God had instore for me...Thank you for giving me a blessing to give to these people, Brenda1958

Cindy said...

Patter, I haven't even done any scripture cards, but I love reading your weekly words, scriptures, and what you write. You are an inspiration. Whatever way you continue (I hope you continue!) I look forward to it and hope to accomplish more this coming year!

Cracker Scraps said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog list!

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