Friday, July 22, 2011

Organizational {Friday} Color Idea Book

Keeping color swatches or color ideas can help in many ways. I have shared previously how I keep some of my color swatches. You can see those posts here:

*A Copic Swatch Book (look just past the printer's tray in this post)
*Color Idea Book/Rolodex
*Color Swatch Book (I am going to show this in detail in a future post as it has been updated.)

I use all 3 of these a lot especially the last book. I use it every time I create something! Today I wanted to share what I do with the ideas I get from Ellen Hutson. Of course, you can use this same idea for any color ideas that you get.

If you have ever shopped with Ellen Hutson, you know that she mails a zip lock bag with ribbon and a cute color card with every order. I have collected these color cards for several years. Recently I suggested to Ellen that she start noting the Copic colors she uses on these cards. I thought it would be GREAT to know exactly what she uses to color these images.

Now that I have collected several of these cards, I decided it was time to organize them. I purchased another Art Profolio from Hobby Lobby. This is the same portfolio I use for my Copic colors and swatches except it is 5x7 instead of 4x6 like this one.

These little portfolios are thin and barely take up any room. They are also easy to pack and travel with! Anyway, I then used some removable adhesive to stick the cards to each page. Here is what a few of them look like in the book:

These cards are just full of ideas--color combinations, coloring guides, etc. If I am ever stuck and need ideas, this little book may just get those juices flowing! Think of all of the different ideas you could put in one of these little portfolios! Love it!

Anyway, I hope you find a way to keep a little inspiration book like this. Now I don't have to shuffle these cards. I can see them easily in this cute small idea book. Have a great Friday, and thank for stopping by!

P.S. If you saw my post yesterday on my favorite art journaling products, check it again. I have already added a few more products to the "Miscellaneous Section" that I forgot to note yesterday. Eeek! :)

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