Thursday, October 25, 2012

Art {Journaling} Two More Pages

Today I wanted to share two more of the art journaling pages I created. If you missed the first two, please see my post here. Today's pages again include quotes by Dr. Henrietta Mears. And remember, these pages will be turned into journals, and I will share that during the 4th week (November 8th). Now for today's inspiration.

Green Flower
Quote by Dr. Henrietta Mears: "All that I see teaches me to thank the Creator for all I cannot see."

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Orange Heart
Quote by Dr. Henrietta Mears: "God is the source of love; Christ is the proof of love."

Stamps: Memory Box Mail Definitions Background (G1839), Alpha Background (E996)
Liquitex Gesso and Light Modeling Paste
Sprays: SEI Tumble Dye, Adirondack Color Wash, Mister Huey's Color Mists
Pen: Pentel Ener-Gel 0.7mm
Other: Neocolor II black; bubblewrap; various stencils by Tupperware, The Crafter's Workshop, and Delta

I hope you have enjoyed these. Be sure to check back next week for two more pages. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comment section. I will respond there. :) And of course, comments are always welcome too. Have a blessed Thursday!


Margareta Carlsson said...

I love your art journaling style! Beautiful colors and art work in these pages!

Helen S said...

Patter, I love your blog and your comments on Two Peas. Your art journal pages are great too.

I love your backgrounds. I know that you mentioned that you took the Art Journal Conversion class. Were there any other classes in art journaling that you would recommend?

I am thinking of signing up for some more classes, but I have found that I am a "class junkie" and have to plan appropriately to fully participate in what I sign up for. Right now, I am loving Joanne Sharpe's art classes.


Patter Cross said...

Thank you Margareta and Helen! You are too sweet! As far as classes, Helen, I have taken many by Roben-Marie. All of her classes are amazing. You won't be disappointed. The Art Journal Conversion class is a less expensive class yet packed with information. If you want to see how her classes are, this is a great one to start with. I have also taken classes with Christy Tomlinson and hers are great too. A different style but definitely wonderful. Some other classes I have taken I wouldn't recommend as much but these are two instructors that I continue to go back to! I hope that helps. Blessings,

Helen S said...

Thanks! I think that I am pretty "booked" class wise for at least early November, but I will keep these recommendations in mind.

Thank God, many of these classes are sel-paced and the majority offer unlimited access!! I do find that they keep me occupied and out of other trouble, but you really do have to pick and choose about what you sign up for.

TLady said...

These are BEAUTIFUL PAGES Patter!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!! I'd FRAME THEM!!!!!!!!!! They're GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! :)

Le petit monde de Louison said...

WOW!!! I love it! It's so beautifull!!!

GCgirl said...

Very beautiful pages (as usual)! I am still wondering if you know the name of that stencil with the flower that I just love? Also, I have several sprays but not the SEI tumble you particularly like them for this project?

Patter Cross said...

Hey Marsha!!! The flower stencil is made by Delta. It's called "Daises" and has 5 flowers on it. It's a bright yellow stencil that I got at Hobby Lobby. Let me know if you can't find it.

And thanks again for your sweet comments everyone. Blessings,

GCgirl said...

Thanks Patter! I wasn't sure if that was the one :0)...are you going to turn these into journals btw??

Patter Cross said...

Oooh, so have you seen that stencil before, Marsha? Hopefully you can find it. It's one of my favs especially with modeling paste! And yes, I am going to turn these into journals. I will share that Nov. 8th. :)

GCgirl said...

Great! I just ordered it off of Ebay ;0). I made a few journals last weekend, but need more practice!!! Yours rock!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful pages, usual. I love the vibrant colors and the quotes are fantastic.

I prayed for you and your family this morning. {{hugs}}

Roben-Marie said...

These turned out really nice Patter!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these and your other blog postings. I always enjoy and learn from them. Is there any specific advice you would give for someone who isn't able to visualize projects in advance? I need to put the papers & accessories side by side and just tinker until they look right. Praying that you and yours weathered the storm....Jennifer in Ohio

Patter Cross said...

Hey sweet Jennifer! Wow, I pray you have weathered the storm and Stephanie too! We are fine just REALLY cold and windy. Places about 45 minutes to an hour from us got 10+ inches of snow. We were supposed to get snow too but haven't yet. It's knocking on our door. I am not used to the cold so I am all bundled up for today! :)

Stephanie, let us know how you are fairing too! And thanks for the prayers!

As far as visualizing projects, I never visualize mine. I can't. I just tinker and play. I love it because it's freeing I guess to just see what happens. I just get a bunch of stuff out and start playing. Have fun, and stay safe and warm! Blessings,

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