Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's {Tip} Using Modeling Paste

I love using modeling paste. It gives great texture to any creation! You probably noticed that I used it on both of the art journaling pages I posted last Thursday. If you missed that post, click here. The modeling paste was used on the flower and the hearts on those pages.

Types of Modeling Paste
There are many types of modeling paste available. You can see the many different types available here at Dick Blick. I personally love using Liquitex Light Modeling Paste.

To Apply
To apply modeling paste, you can use a palette knife, an old credit card, cake decorating tools, spatula, or just apply with your fingers. I use my fingers to apply, and I find it works great! I really like the lumps and bumps that it leaves too.

Creating Color
You can change the color of modeling paste by coloring it before you apply or coloring it after it has dried.

After it dries you can "color" by mixing a little water with spray ink and applying with a paintbrush. You can also color with paints or any other coloring medium you want to use.

To color before using, put a little modeling paste in a palette, add a drop of color, and mix. Liquid inks work great for this since they are very vibrant in color. The Liquitex Acrylic Ink works great for this. I personally don't like to color it before applying though because I end up coloring too much and waste it. I like the variation of color I get when painting the paste after it is dry. Here you can see one of the flowers I did and the variations I was able to get by painting after the modeling paste dried.

I hope you will try playing with modeling paste. And be sure to check back on Thursday when I will share two more art journaling pages. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Pretty flower! I'll have to look for this stuff. Do you need to carefully cover the surface? (Does it stick?) How do you wash your fingers after this? The old credit card sounded like you might perhaps need to throw it away, or does it clean off for re-use?

Do you ever incorporate yarn in your creations? Just thinking about your yummy colors for crocheting....

Thanks--Jennifer in Ohio

Patter Cross said...

Hey Jennifer! I apply directly to my paper. It sticks to the paper beautifully. I then just wash with soap and water. As for any templates, masks, or tools for applying--I just rinse them off with water. If you don't it gets rather crusty. Yuck.

And no, I have never included yarn on my creations except for the flowers I crochet. That's about it. It is getting cooler here, and I want to finish my rainbow blanket. I need to find everything though from the move. LOL!

Have a blessed day!

GCgirl said...

This is my favorite too...got the flexible paste because the store was out last time and I don't like it as much! Could you please tell me the name of that stencil with the daisy on it? Been trying to locate one...thanks!

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