Friday, May 31, 2013

Organizational {Friday} Template Re-Do & RAK!

I do not think I have ever shared my template storage with you. Well, they have been hanging in alphabetical order on my Clip-it-Up for a long time. Here is my old template storage:

While that served its purpose, my Clip-it-Up is across the room, and it was a pain to clip the templates back up when I was done. I also found as I used my templates that I was just stacking them on my art journaling table instead of putting them back away. Lazy yes, I know. So, I decided to put them in an old CTMH storage box that I was not using. Here is what I did.

First, I put them all back in alphabetical order so that they are easy to find instead of going through a messy stack on my desk. Then I just put them in the back of the storage box. I then made dividers using heavy cardstock, my vintage typewriter, and my WRMK Envelope Punch board. Next, I added a bit of fabric tape to dress up the dividers a bit. I needed this to be fast and not necessarily fancy. I also know that the dividers will probably get messy from my painted hands, etc. This is my messy table for sure!
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And no, that's not salad dressing on my table. LOL! It's a jar of vinegar and water that I use for cleaning. And the misters in the front of the box are by Lindy's Stamp Gang. I have all of my other misters in a storage unit but these are ones I am going to be using soon. The front of the box is perfect for holding mists too as you can see.

I do leave box open as the templates are too high to close the lid. In the back of the lid I have actually put a larger template that is an old Tupperware napkin ring. It's too big to put in the box but works great laying in the back of the lid. I generally only by 6x6 templates so this storage works great for me (for now). :)

And lastly if you have kept up with me for this longbecause I kept a messy stack of my templates on my desk for so long, I found that I had purchased duplicate templates. So, today I will be giving away two brand new duplicate templates that I found I hadThe Crafter's Worship Mini Bricks and Mini Fence Frame. These are both 6x6 and work great on layouts, cards, art journals, anything!

All you have to do is leave a comment about templates here in the comment sectionhow you store your templates, if you use templates, if you clean them when you are done, anything about templates. Leave your comment by Sunday, June 2, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. I will randomly select a winner and post on Tuesday, June 4th. Thanks for stopping by, and see you tomorrow with some inspiration and a sketch! I hope you will join me!


Buffy Esser said...

I think I like the box better then hanging for my storage I only have two templates so its not really an issue LOL I am really new so my stash is quite small,I really don't need to organize it just yet....but I will keep your tips in mind!

Lisa said...

I love your box look. I keep mine in a notebook and it really does not work well for me. Basically I do not use them because I do not see them. So I am going to try your method. Thanks for sharing.

KC Inspired said...

I've recently started using templates more & more. Have started a collection. I have a 2 inch school binder with pocket pages. I can slide them into the pockets & label the front of the pockets with the basic names.
I have different sized ones so the pockets will hold 6x6 or the tall ones.
Since the outside of the binder is vinyl-my messy hands don't ruin it! LOL
I keep it on my book shelf.
I store otickers in one binder, clear stamps in one binder (in clear protector sheets).
Doesn't take up much space, but easy the reach.

flip flops said...

I love the idea of how you store your templates.....I will have to try that for other things too. I am learning how to organize my stuff for better use.
I have not used many templates, and I love the ones that you are giving away.
Thank your for ideas!

carla said...

I like the idea of hanging them to flip through them. I put mine vertically in a basket by size- my stash is growing and I will need a better way- Love your ideas you share!

Robin Turner said...

Hi Patter! I've never used templates before, but did just order one that should be arriving today/tomorrow. It will add a new need for organization for me, so this post was delivered with perfect timing!
Love your work, blessings to you!

Danielle said...

Always love to read organization posts :-) I have all my 12x12 templates in a SC crop bag and my 6x6 templates in a smaller ziplock bag that I got in a local store here (something like Target).

Rhodamom said...

I only have a couple templates for now, so they are just laying in a drawer - but I forget I have them and don't use. This looks like it would work much better - now to add to my collection!

Linda said...

Love all your organization tips! I would LOVE to win your duplicate templates! I have a small workroom so it is challenging, but I am finding homes for all my good stuff, gifting and selling some old stuff and being better about putting things away when I am done working. I can actually find my stuff and I am loving it!

Traci S. said...

Hi Patter!

You are so organized! I put my different templates...and almost everything besides paper in different types of baskets. I love the look, even though I can't stack them.

I am so glad to be able to visit you. God
Bless you and your family.

Traci Starkweather

Carolyn F said...

I store my bigger templates in a notebook (Journal Genie, Coluzzle etc). If it isn't holepunched for the notebook, I put it in a page protector.

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your storage ideas with us Patter. I use an old Cropper Hopper sticker binder that zips up on the sides. I just use a hole punch to make the holes where I want them if there aren't any already there. I made dividers out of old pages from a post bond album I had which worked out great because they are just a little larger than 12x12. I have templates in both sizes the smaller and the larger 12x12 from Crafter's Workshop when they first started out many years ago. This storage makes it easy for me to just pickup and go with it to crops too. I have enjoyed your organizational tips to a few years now, keep up the great work I love all your post. God bless, have a wonderful weekend.

HeyGirly said...

First, let me say I just love checking your site for creative organization ideas. I thought templates were a thing of the past and about two years ago I got rid of mine. I have since discovered they are the rave, so I've started collecting them again. I store them on edge in a photo box.

Anonymous said...

I love to see repurposed containers like that. My templates are in a ziplock bag that paper came in. Not ideal because they catch on each other.

Sherri Lynne

Anonymous said...

Hi, Patter. I can see that if you have many of a given item, there is a greater need to organize them so as to have them at your fingertips. I only have 3 or 4 templates, so they are in a little keeper that was probably made for patterned papers. They stand nicely on end in an office organizer on a rolling cart.
Are you going to show us how you use the templates sometime? I may have been unaware of how you put them to use. Thanks for sharing, and I'm off to organize some other parts of life. Maybe you'll inspire me....:-) Love, Jennifer in Ohio

Stephanie said...

I really like the idea of storing them in a box. I'm like many crafters and out of sight = not used. I have several of the larger templates stored in my Cropper Hopper Paper organizers. But they are across the room so....yes, they basically just take up space. However, a friend just gave me a 6 x 6 template that I'm really wanting to use. It's laying on my shelving right by my desk. Not the best solution. :(

Dainty Diva said...

Reading your organization post on the way you store your templates and thought of mine. I have mine in an old scrapbook that isn't working very well. I need some that is portable. I like your idea but not portable. I do clean my templates after each use. I do like you organization tips.

Jennifer Moneagle said...

I have a lot of templates and store them in several of my sterilite drawers which are right under my desk and easy to reach. I have also created a 5 X 7 notebook with a sample of each design so I can flip through it and quickly identify which ones I may want to use.

Cleaning - naw. Although I am passionate about clean stamps I just let my templates dry.

Valerie said...

Whew Patter! I am so glad that I am not the only one that "occasionally" purchases a duplicate of something I already have! That really does make me feel much better! ;)

I only have about 8-12 6x6 and I have only been putting them back in the original packaging. UGH! They are just stacked up between my copic marker storage and a drawer storage. There is about an inch gap and that is where they have been sitting.

Thanks for sharing.
God bless,

Robin George said...

I love reading your posts and learning how to do new things. And I especially enjoy the devotions you share. They uplift me and inspire my thinking. Thanks for being here for us!

Anonymous said...

I've recently started taking some classes with a mixed media artist. I was always afraid of all the different media/materials used and how to use them. Even after the first class I felt so much more confident! And, she can answer all my questions, too, and then talk me through using a new product. So...I've been keeping my templates in the bottom drawer of a plastic drawer unit. (She just uses a big cardboard box.) All my stuff is kept in these kinds of drawers, so I don't usually have trouble remembering I have something--unless I store it in some other way like in 3 ring binders! Although I have been known to buy two of something--like stamps and dies--if I haven't used the first one yet. I usually clean mine (she doesn't)--but as I get into it more, maybe I won't clean either. I've truly enjoyed making my mixed media pieces--so freeing! De in WI

Jilliene Designs said...

You are so organized! I love the vinegar trick - what a great idea! I have a terrible habit of not cleaning my template, stamps and brushes so this will be a good step in the right direction. So you can imagine how impressed I am with your filing system for your templates. I have a big utility unit with open sided drawers and I keep my templates in with my spray inks - but pretty willy nilly. It is sort of a chore to sort thru them so sometimes I avoid using them when i hit a design fork in the road. i am going to try a system like yours.

btw - thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the super kind post you left. you made my day!

Creative Genie said...

Love templates. Sorry to say I don't use them nearly often enough -- because I don't like the way I store them and find it too cumbersome to get them out. Sad, really sad. Love your great ideas!


Becky said...

I love my templates. I use them usually for my mixed media art. Right now I have them stored in a small box but want to get one of those small crates you can buy at school time from Walmart. Thanks for the chance to win some.

janetg said...

I have an ever growing collection of templates and store them in a pizza size type box. They are getting a bit unruly so I will need to come up with a new storage solution soon.

Marilyn said...

I like the look of the Clip-It, but I, too, would find it a hassle to re-hang my stencils.
My method is to store them in 12x12 album in 6x6 divided pockets. I print ID labels with my tape printer that I stick to a corner of each pocket. Right now, I also am storing the larger 12x12 stencils and templates in the same binder because I don't have a whole bunch of either. The only problem is keeping them in alpha order.

Liana S. said...

I don't have storage for my templates, because I only have one! And, I've yet to use it! In my defense, I just bought it a couple weeks ago, and am in the middle of a major picture organization.

LauraB said...

Hey Patter!
Appreciate your organizing tips!! My stencils and templates are in a labeled shirt box, so I rarely use them. Maybe I need to move them to my desktop as I have several old CTMH containers that I can easily modify. Thanks and happy weekend!

annieb said...

You always have great ideas. I also like that you sometimes try to re-purpose what you have over the la-te-da perfect new purchase. I wish I had your workspace. Would love the template.

Donna said...

I love the storage idea, I have not personally created an organized storage system, this is a good idea for my templates, thank you.

Lavonne said...

Believe it or not, templates are something I've never tried. Would love to though. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your template storage ideas. I store my 6X6 paper pads in a similar container with with dividers that I made with a pocket in front for scraps.

My 6X6 templates are still in their original packaging in a drawer. I keep my larger templates in appropriate
sized boxes and store them on a bookshelf.

Tam said...

I was just strolling by and saw this. Yes, strolling, not scrolling. Although technically it's scrolling. :lol: Anyway, I haven't bought any. I recently was making one with my spellbinders hexagon die. I should've just used my cricut and software but I didn't. Anyway, I have some stencils I keep in a pocket thing with a flap. I do intend to make some with my cricut and software. I have thin plastic notebook dividers for this purpose. :)

Denise Bryant said...

Love your template storage idea! Mine are just kept together in a drawer, laying flat. No such thing as alphabetical order here! I just have to rummage through to find what I want!
Thanks for a chance to win 2 great stencils! I am just getting into using them and there are so many neat designs available!

Mrs Frizz said...

you are just way too organised Patter, you truly are!!!!

Templates and I ... yep, I definitely use them. I do wipe them down if I have been used gesso and/or modeling paste and I tend to do that straight away ... but ... ummmmmmmm ... I learnt the hard way ... one should definitely rinse off mists too ... slate is a colour that kinda sticks like glue if it's not cleaned off straight away ... yep, take it from me ... it truly does.

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