Friday, July 18, 2014

Organizational {Friday} Use Those Cup Holders

So, if you remember in one of my Tuesday's {Tip} posts, I shared how I save different lids to use for painting. Click here for that post. I also save cardboard tubes from rolls of foil. Those cardboard tubes are very stiff and wonderful for painting circles! Anyway, I have so many thrown around, and I didn't like them tossed on my table. So, I decided to use my CM Side-Kick Cup Holder to hold the lids I am currently using.
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What's wonderful about this is that it's attached to my art journaling table, I can find what I want easily, and they are off of the table. I do keep them on my table until the paint on them dries, however. And when the yogurt cups get a lot of paint on them like the one below, I just toss them and use a new one. You can see in the photo above that I now have a new yogurt lid in my Side-Kick. :)

You also may remember another post where I store my heat tool in another cup holder on my other table in my studio. To see that post, click here.

Cup holders are truly great for organizing in your craft room! Thanks for stopping by. And remember to pull out and use those old cup holders! Blessings,


Margie H said...

OMGOSH! Hitting hand on forehead! LOL! Fabulous ideas for using not only the cup holders but stuff that we toss! Many thanks :)

Sindi Jeffers said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)

Melissa Elsner said...


Megan D said...

Nice idea! I like to use the bottom of hard lemonade bottles as a stamp. Looks great in dimensional pastes.

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