Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday's {Tip} Preventing Bleed Through

Some of you may have noticed on my recent Art {Journaling} pages that I have been using washi tape down the center of the page. Here are some examples, and note the page on the far right has not been posted yet. Be watching for it this week. :)

So, why do I do this? I do it for two reasons. One, for decoration, and two, to prevent paint from bleeding through the seams to the other pages. Ask me how I know that happens. :) Yes, in my newest journal, it has happened a few times so I decided to include washi tape as part of each page. Then yesterday as I was looking through Pinterest, I noticed that Julie Fei-Fan Balzer uses masking tape and gesso for the same reason. You can see her post by clicking here. I have never used her method but am doing it on a page I am working on now. I like the option to use just masking tape and gesso when I don't want a decorative washi tape down the middle.

I have done a lot of single art journal pages and even used spiral bound journals in the past. When using either of those to art journal, I don't have this problem; however, with the Dylusions Small Creative Journal, I do. But I must say it is my favorite, favorite journal. So having to use washi or masking tape doesn't bother me at all. It's part of the fun process. Even if you don't have paint coming through the seams, you can certainly use a bit of washi for fun!

I hope you have found this helpful. Enjoy your Tuesday!

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