Wednesday, July 20, 2016

{ICAD} #22 through #26

Since I was on a trip for 5 days, I fell behind. I did prepare some card backgrounds before leaving so that catch up wouldn't be too bad. I also did some very quick cards to get back to my daily card making schedule (which I prefer). I enjoy doing one of these daily instead of playing catch up. Let's look at what I have for you today.

ICAD #22, Neon Sign
I did not really want to do a neon sign but I also didn't want to change the prompt. So, I decided to pick a scripture with the word 'sign' in it and use some neon yellow, pink, and green paint. This is what worked for me on this card.

(Used: printed coloring page, watercolors, acrylics, Pigma micron pen, splatters, typewriter, and sewing)

ICAD #23, Winter
In the middle of July, I could not bring myself to do a winter scene. So, in thinking of winter, I thought of the color blue. So, I added two different shades of blue on this 'winter' card.

(Used: acrylics, book paper, stencils, typewriter, splatters, Pigma micron pen, and sewing)

ICAD #24, Magenta
This one was fun because I got to use one of my favorite colors. I used several shades but not sure they all show up in the photo. I also had the perfect shade of cancelled stamps to use on this too.

(Used: acrylics, Lindy's Magicals, cancelled stamps, book paper, stamping, Stabilo All pencil, waterbrush, Pigma micron pen, splatters, and sewing)

ICAD #25, Song
I chose a hymn for this prompt. I have so many favorite hymns that I could probably use this prompt a lot.

(Used: black gesso, acrylics, stencils, bubble wrap, hymn and book paper, dot brayer, Pigma micron pen, and sewing)

ICAD #26, Numbers (off prompt)
The prompt for today was Space Invaders. Hmmm, didn't I care for that prompt so I went with 'numbers'. I used ledger paper with numbers on it and stenciled some numbers on the card. I also wanted to choose a scripture from the book of Numbers. I love the verse I chose.

(Used: deli paper, acrylics, stencils, ledger paper, Stabilo All pencil, waterbrush, Roben-Marie Art Pops, typewriter, and sewing)

I hope you have enjoyed today's card. Have a blessed Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable creations--- thanks, Patter! I like the way you pick what you will like seeing again in future and what suits you.
Jennifer in Ohio

LisaDV said...

Love viewing your icad creations!! Beautiful work as always.

Susan M said...

Really enjoyed your lovely index cards Patter. Love the quote on the Magenta card !

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