Sunday, February 3, 2019

A {Little} Color Mixing

If you remember from my January 1st post, I mentioned a free class by Kellee Wynne called Color My Life. I hope some of you were able to enjoy the class also. Unfortunately it is no longer free; however, you can get it by signing up for her other courses. Click here to see her courses. 

Anyway, it was an excellent course, and since then, I found another free course by Emma Witte called Palettiquette Color Theory 101. Click here to see that course. I am not finished with it yet but so far it is good. I am learning so much from both classes mixing colors and playing. It really is fun!

I have started a little book of notes to refer to as I go along. I am using the same book that I use for my travel journal. If you have never seen my travel journal, click here. I use it every year, and it is becoming quite yummy with journaling and color! My trips this year will be the 4th year I have used this journal.

The journal I use can be found on amazon by searching on Global Art Materials Square Drawing Book. I love the square size. I generally use the black journal but for my class notes, I am using a blue book. Click here to see the journal on amazon. The journal can also be found at Hobby Lobby. They do not have all of the colors available but you can use a 40% off coupon. :)

So, let's look at what I have done so far in my little journal. First, I mask off my squares with washi tape. Very fast, and it makes very clean squares when I am done painting my swatches. Once the squares are masked off, I paint my swatches. Then I peel of the washi tape when I am done and everything is dry.

I know this little book is going to be a great reference to me. I have all sorts of ideas that I want to put in inside. I will share here as I go along. Thanks for joining me today, and have a blessed week ahead!

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