Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scripture Challenge Study Links!

I decided to consolidate each week's study into a list so that you can easily find what you are looking for. I hope this is helpful! It will be updated each week! Enjoy, and may the Lord bless you in your studies!

Scripture Challenge {Instructions/FAQ}
Scripture Challenge 2009 Blinkie
Week 52, Love
Week 51, Birth
Week 50, Assurance
Week 49, Surrender
Week 48, Give
Week 47, Thankful
Week 46, Path
Week 45, Cross
Week 44, Need
Week 43, Encourage
Week 42, Serve
Week 41, Humility
Week 40, Light
Week 39, Power
Week 38, Name
Week 37, Fear
Week 36, Treasure
Week 35, Leading (God's)
Week 34, Blessed
Week 33, Heart
Week 32, Believe
Week 31, Choice
Week 30, Obey
Week 29, (God's) Word
Week 28, Strength
Week 27, Rest
Week 26, Tongue
Week 25, Holy
Week 24, Doubt
Week 23, Truth
Week 22, Time
Week 21, Wisdom
Week 20, Creator
Week 19, Desire
Week 18, Fruit
Week 17, Glory
Week 16, His Presence
Week 15, Joy
Week 14, Comfort
Week 13, Protection
Week 12, Listen
Week 11, Live
Week 10, Grace
Week 9, Prayer
Week 8, Trust
Week 7, Glad
Week 6, Peace
Week 5, Change
Week 4, Wait
Week 3, Beauty
Week 2, Kindness
Week 1, Faith


Anonymous said...

Hi Patter,
Thank you so much for the listing of the challenges,I have enjoyed doing mine here at home and some of my church ladies are wanting to start a challenge similar to this. So by you inspiring us to do this I have passed it on and have about 50 ladies at my church wanting to do this as well.....thank you so much...God has Blessed me here with your site and your help and encouraged our ladies at my church as well, and thru my Breast Cancer surgery and now radiation this helps me in so many ways you can't even imagine,thank you again,Brenda 1958

Tanis said...

YES! Very helpful!
Thanks Patter :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patter for the list. I started doing your study about 5 weeks ago when I first came across your blog. I wanted to start at the beginning, but it takes a lot of time to find the appropriate week, this will really speed up the process. I love the study.

Anonymous said...

You are the bomb friend :)!! Thanks for listing the whole shebang :)--Now I can get caught up :)---Miss chatting with ya--Still think of you often and you and the girls are in my prayers :)!! -- Hugs !!!

Jenn said...

Thanks so much for this list of all the past challenges. I have had good intentions on starting this challenge and have just never made it happen. I even created my own file folder album with my Cricut to use as my scripture art journal. I know it's October but, I think I really want to start from the beginning and it's nice having the links. This is a wonderful challenge that you are hosting.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list Patter. I was writing them down but somehow missed the last 10. This made it easier to add to my list. I'm way behind - only on week 7 - but I'm going to keep going. Thanks for doing this!

Sonya said...

Great idea to list all the words for the scripture challenge on this post. I've got it saved in my favorites:)



Contessa Kris said...

Your 2009 blinkie leads to this page which only has last year's prompts. Will you be adding the new year's here as well or another page? I want to link up properly.

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