Friday, October 31, 2008

Organizational {Friday}

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have some fun plans this evening! I want to take today and maybe the next few weeks to address some of the issues you posted in the comment section a few weeks ago. I am hoping to help you with some of the organizational difficulties you have. So, let's get started!

Small Spaces
Several of you mentioned that you scrap in a very small space. The key to organizing small spaces it to go vertical! Use the wall! You can buy drawer units whether plastic iris drawers, Scrap 'n Cube drawers, or any other stackable drawer units that you find. Stack them on top of your desk and continue stacking up! You will just have to watch how much weight each drawer unit holds.

You can also hang a lot of things on the walls! There are many hanging organizational units that you can use. Go to The Container Store, IKEA, Wal-Mart, Target, or other places that have organizational pieces and look around. Think UP! Hanging shoe organizers are a great way to store punches and other tools! Also, Unity has a hanging stamp rack for their wood cassette stamps. However, I think it could also be used in the same fashion as a Clip-it-Up. You can look at it here and see what you think. You would just need to mount it into the studs of the wall in case you hang a lot of stuff. :)

Keeping Your Area Clean
Some of you mentioned that your areas aren't too bad but they seem to stay messy all of the time. The key to that problem is to pick up between EVERY project. Put it all away. And if you missed the great tip I posted earlier, here is what Carolyn suggests: The Put it Back Basket!

I know I personally pick up between each project, and I also use that time to record all of the products I use so that I can submit things for publication. It works well for me, and things stay pretty well picked up. Give it a try!

Organizing Paper
I have posted a couple of different ideas for storing paper. In case you missed these, here are the links:

*Storing Scrap Paper
*Storing Patterned Paper

I like to use the Cropper Hopper paper holders a lot. That is where I keep my cardstock and specialty papers. I also just ordered the Creative Memories PODS Paper Organizer. They are on clearance and were $122 but now are selling for $32. I am not sure how it is going to work yet since I don't have it in my hot little hands but it looks like it will be great for papers! These are being phased out though so you might want to jump on it if you think it looks like something you could use.

You can organize your papers by color, manufacturer, or theme. It depends on what you prefer. Sometimes you have to try one or two different ways before you get it how you like it! Unfortunately, organization takes time but it is SO worth it in the end!

Storing Acrylic Stamping Blocks
Some of you asked how to store your stamping blocks. Well, I used to have a lot of blocks, and I got rid of them all! I purchased the four Unity handles. They work for all acrylic and unmounted rubber stamps along with the Unity wood cassette stamps. Now I don't have a problem with acrylic block storage since I only have, need, and use these four blocks! I purchased these before I began designing for Unity, and I love them!

You can also label your blocks with a labeler. Label the edge of the block with the block size (2x2, etc.). Stack them in a container with the label showing, and you can easily grab what you are looking for. Close to My Heart also sells a storage case for their blocks. That is what I used to use, and it kept everything nice and neat! Other blocks may fit in the case but I am not sure. You would need to check with a consultant.

Okay, I think this will be it for my post today. I don't want y'all to get bored reading too much! :) Just remember, organizing takes time! Start with one thing and over time, it will be just how you like it! Enjoy, and I will address other questions next week! I pray this is helpful! Blessings,


Tanis said...

Wow that paper storage system is a REAL SALE!!! Maybe if they knock it down another 50% (heehee!)

Cariann said...

I have some of my paper in the CM Paper Pod and like it for sorting.

A similar idea to the Stamp holder is a decorative Paper Towel or small towel rod mounted on the wall. You can get them at Walmart, Target , sometimes even Lowes or Home Depot.

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