Friday, October 30, 2009

Organizational {Friday} Room Tour Details

So, last week I posted a little "room/space tour" of my crafting space. If you missed that post, you can see it here. One of the comments/questions came from Cassie. She said:

Cassie said...
thanks for sharing patter! i really liked the toy bin storage redo that you shared earlier in the week -- and would love to know do you have the same thing in ALL the cubes? what other things are you able to fit in there? And where did you get your scrappin cubes?
October 23, 2009 10:23 PM

So, today I thought I would share more details in what I keep in the toy bins and what I keep in the Scrap 'n Cube. So, let's get started.

My Scrap 'n Cube basically holds EVERYTHING. Finding the right piece of furniture for your space is SO important! When my husband and I were looking for furniture for my space, we knew we did not want something permanent such as cabinetry. We wanted to be able to move whatever we decided to purchase to another room or another home someday. While I love rooms that have the cabinetry built in, for us it was not practical. And why spend all of that money when you may not live there forever. That was our thinking anyway. So, we spent all of the money in a portable, rearrangable, AND expandable system! I believe I have had my unit for almost 4 years now, and it still looks brand new. You do not have to build a thing! It comes to you completely built. You just stack your cubes as you want them. They are solid wood not pressboard, and they will be around MANY years after I am gone. The kids already have dibs on who gets the unit after we pass. LOL! They love it too!

Scrap 'n Cube
Let's look at what I have in the drawers. I am going to post a picture of some of the drawers and if I have already covered this particular storage method in a post, I will include a link. If you want to see more details on an item, just click the link! :)

All of my ribbon is kept in 6 drawers of my Scrap 'n Cube. It works beautifully! Here is a link to this topic! Chipboard
Some of my chipboard is kept in the Scrap 'n Cube and some of it is kept in the toy bin. You can see more information here, and you will see the chipboard bin storage below. Ink Spots
Some of my ink spots are kept in a drawer. The others are all stored on my Stampin' Things Unit. You can see more about my ink storage here and my Stampin' Things Unit here. Border Punches
I keep my border punches in one drawer. Now, obviously this drawer is full. If I buy anymore, I will have to have another drawer to store them. So, for now, this keeps me from buying anymore punches! LOL!Rub-ons
I have 3 different drawers filled with rub-ons. I have one drawer for decorative rub-ons, one for rub-on words, and one for rub-on letters. It's always easy to find what I need.Shimmerz and LuminArte Paints
I store my Shimmerz and LuminArte paints these in one of my drawers. It is so handy! And to see complete details, visit the post here.Quickutz Dies
I love keeping my Quickutz dies in my Scrap 'n Cube. They stay neat, I can find what I need fast, and the drawers are so sturdy that I don't have to worry about the weight. Here is a post about this particular storage.Other Items
Some of the other things I store in my Scrap 'n Cube drawers are:
*ATC goodies
*Smaller Tools (Scor-It mini, Crop-O-Dile, scissors, etc.)
*Labeler and tapes
*Adhesives (I keep a large hand on supply so I don't run out)
*Card bases from Memory Box
*Tins and smaller items to alter
*Larger flowers

These drawers are amazing and hold so much. I am sure I left out other things that are stored in this unit but it gives you an idea. :)

Toy Bin
Now let's look at some of the things I keep in the toy bin.

6x6 Papers
I store all of my 6x6 papers in 2 of the toy bins. You can find complete details on this storage here. Chipboard
Some of my chipboard I keep in Maya Road tins. And those tins are the perfect size for the smaller sized bin. You can see more about that here.Tools
I keep some of my larger tools in a bin. The larger tools kept here are:
*Quickutz Squeeze

Felt & Other Fabrics
I keep one bin full of colored felt and other fabrics and materials that I use for die cutting. They lay very nicely in the larger bin, and they are easy to grab when I need them.

I keep my large tin of watercolor pencils and my watercolor paper in a bin also.

Other Items
Other items I keep in the toy bin are:
*Larger alterables
*Zutter wires for binding
*Creative Cafe goodies (all in one nice spot)

I hope this post has been helpful. It is hard to show you everything, and I do move things around from time to time. I think most of you have found that organizing is a task that never ends but it is fun! To me anyway. LOL! :) Again, please let me know if you have questions, if you have a specific topic you want covered, etc. Thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed weekend!


Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your organization tools! I agree with you about cabinetry: I LOVE it, it looks great, but is too permanent for me. I have invested in cubes that I can move to another room or house. My room is a bedroom that I claimed after my kids moved out, but it needs to be able to be a bedroom again if we decide to sell our house. I have LOVED having cubes to store my stuff in; my organization is not the same as yours, but works for me. My goal is to find stuff when I need it, and as long as I can do that, I feel my organization works! Again, thanks for sharing your ideas; I always look forward to your blogs!

Patter Cross said...

Linda, you are welcome, and glad you like it. However, my unit is NOT permanent. I guess I didn't explain that well enough in the first paragraph. :) It is not cabinetry. They are cubes and move from room to room, can be rearranged, moved to another home, etc. They are AWESOME! :) Hope that helps.

thinker said...

Thanks Patter for the tour - I love how you've organized everything!!

paynterfamily4 said...

WoW! Your super tidy - making me look really bad when it comes to my studio/office!!!! But I guess I create better in mayhem!!! Love your room/organization though - it looks so peaceful and pretty - I bet you could spend all day in that room joyfully!!!!

Rose said...

i love how you share with us :0) and the way you add the little tags and ribbon and other items makes it all look fantastic as well as orginized. i never think of the little things like that only what will work best, but now that i have seen yours i will start adding the little touches :0)

Laura - Layers of Color said...

Can you come over? Pwease?

Well, I have organization system (of sorts) and then I get more stuff and I have no where to put it! I use a lot of ziplock baggies in drawers. I like your system much better, so easy to find things. Maybe next summer I can find the time to do more reorg. This has been an inspiration! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Daggum girl! This is stunning. ;)

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